20 Hilarious X-Men Vs. Deadpool Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Deadpool was released to widespread critical acclaim. The film can be seen akin to Avatar in that just like Avatar started a whole new trend of 3D movies–something that survives till today–so did Deadpool begin a trend for superhero movies becoming R-rated. Logan was commissioned with that rating after taking in the success of this film. Meanwhile several other future superhero films like The Batman or Suicide Squad 2 are rumored to be carrying the R rating in order to replicate Deadpool’s edgy feel.

The film is a big departure from the X-Men series despite being part of that franchise. Deadpool, however, has outperformed every other X-Men film by a big margin with only X-Men: Days of Future Past’s $748 million worldwide takings coming even close to Deadpool’s $873 million gross. Make no mistake, Deadpool 2 will end up around the same figure too when it is released in 2018.

Due to this runaway success of Deadpool, there have been jokes made at X-Men’s expense for taking it too safe with its movies and avoiding any out of the box material, something Deadpool was widely commended for. This has also uncovered a whole variety of memes that pit the X-Men against the Merc with a Mouth. Even other Marvel characters aren’t exempt from this.

Taking that into account, here are 20 X-Men vs. Deadpool Memes.

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20 Dare To Be Different

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When Deadpool was about to come out in 2016, no one was really sure what to expect. The film’s release came seemingly out of nowhere and Ryan Reynolds embarked upon a press tour that was quirky, to say the least. It was also helped by eccentric advertising such as the one seen above.

Deadpool’s marketing made it clear this was something different.

The trailers, advertising material and promotion never gave any hint of it being a conventional superhero. It also sure the film looked as different from X-Men movies as possible. Only a few months after Deadpool’s record breaking release came X-Men: Apocalypse and was nowhere close to Deadpool’s critical and commercial success. It’s easy to saw Deadpool easily won this match-up between the two movies.

19 Little Help Here

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As Wade Wilson himself said in Deadpool, the studio couldn’t afford any more X-Men for his film. It’s a pity, because an interaction between the Merc with a Mouth and the straight-laced Cyclops would have been a real sight to see. Deadpool would have no doubt gotten to Cyclops’ usually calm demeanor.

In this meme, we see an imaginative conversation between the two characters where Wade tries desperately to form some sort of rapport with Cyclops so that he can call in one of the X-Men who could help him out of a predicament. Deadpool somehow locked himself in the car and needs someone to get him out. Too bad for him the useful ones are out of commission and Cyclops doesn’t seem to be in the mood.

18 Brotherly Love

viz buzzfeed.com

If Ryan Reynolds had had his way, this poster would have become a reality. Ryan was steadfast in his mission to convince Hugh Jackman to forego his retirement as Wolverine so that the two actors could share the screen once again as Deapool and Logan.

Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman still wasn’t convinced.

So, sadly, we won’t be getting an X-Men version of Step Brothers perhaps ever. Still, it isn’t too big a task to imagine these two characters behaving exactly this way. Wolverine would be the older brother who, despite acting otherwise, couldn’t help but be protective of his brash and wild younger step-sibling. It was a classic comedy movie in the making which unfortunately was too late to become a genuine idea.

17 I’ll Do It

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With the expansion of the X-Men universe in full effect–new X-Men films along with Deadpool and X-Force films in the pipeline, chances are we might just see this image happening in some shape or form. Professor X has always had a soft spot for Magneto. Despite knowing Magneto has no redemption in him, Professor X still refuses to pull the trigger, literally and figuratively, on his best friend and enemy.

Deadpool, however, will have no qualms in pulling the trigger. He has no love for Magneto. In fact, Deadpool would make sure to run a lengthy and nonsensical monologue before taking Magneto’ life and it would be a certainty he would have his fun with Magneto’s lifeless body afterwards either, much to Professor X’s disgust.

16 Just One Bite

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The Snickers ad has become very popular recently, even though it has been out for some time now. Fans have been having a little bit of fun with it by applying the Snickers logic to TV shows or movies they think weren’t done justice with the first time round.

By this logic, Deadpool only needed a bite of Snickers.

The Deadpool we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one no one was familiar with. And this version of Deadpool didn’t even have access to his mouth, the outlet for all his hilarious jokes. Going by that it does appear as if the first version of Deadpool was just a guy who was a little bit hungry and needed some Snickers to go back to his normal, albeit still wild, self.

15 Money Talks

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Captain America: Civil War featured a whole slew of Marvel characters. It was called as Avengers 3.8 by co-star Anthony Mackie due to the fact that a lot of superheroes would be seen and deal with stories of their own. However, the X-Men were absent from this fight. They would certainly not have been had they existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by that point, and the main reason for this was that Marvel didn’t have rights for the characters.

In a way you could say the studio couldn’t afford them to put them onscreen with the rest of the Avengers. Taking advantage of this, we have Deadpool breaking the fourth wall as always and commenting that the studio really couldn’t afford more heroes as they could in the comics.

14 Who’s The Boss?

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This meme is short and simple. If you haven’t watched Deadpool then the above picture might seem fanmade. But Deadpool himself said this quote in his titular movie. In said scene he was being dragged away by Cyclops, who said only Professor X could help Deadpool by that point.

Of course Deadpool is aware he lives in a movie universe.

And so he brazenly asks, despite being rather groggy at that moment, which version of the Professor he was being taken to. Professor X has been played by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, and with Wade knowing these two guys act as the Professor in the movies, he naturally asks which one he would be facing. He didn’t see either of them, though, as the studio couldn’t afford anymore X-Men.

13 Slick Wade Is Slick

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A few years back Marvel announced that fan favorite Wolverine would be meeting his end in a soon to be released issue. They also announced they intended to stick with the decision of keeping the character deceased, and did just that for a number of years. As always, to inject some light-heartedness to a very sadness situation, Deadpool was used in several memes so as to get saddened fans out of their doldrums.

In this fan comic we see Deadpool ask Wolverine for some money. Wade isn’t the most reliable and Logan must have some reservations, but Wade adds in a definitive deadline for the money to be returned which satisfies Wolverine enough to agree to the loan. Little does he know that he won’t be around in October to ask for his money back.

12 Circle Of Life

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Deadpool was a perfect film for the young adult age group. These people were the ones who grew up with classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. While a little nostalgia is always a good thing, this piece of nostalgia really takes the cake.

This scene is oddly familiar.

It was at this point that Wade freezes the film for a narration and voices what every disgruntled girlfriend is thinking that this isn’t a normal superhero film. But the creator of this meme has likened this classic moment even further back and compared it to the opening scene of The Lion King. The similarity is such that this scene of The Lion King can never be viewed the same way again.

11 Language!

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If there was one character we could borrow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to transition over to the X-Men universe, it would have to be Captain America. While most would argue an interaction between Star-Lord or Iron Man would be more to Deadpool’s tastes, Captain America would be the perfect foil for the Merc with a Mouth.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cap isn’t having any of Tony Stark’s foul mouth and reprimands him for cursing even during a moment of intense battle, and was given grief for this throughout the rest of the film. Imagine what Captain America’s reaction would be to hear Wade Wilson’s mouth running amok. There’s no doubt Cap would speed up his bike to its highest level in order to reach the X-Men universe and give Wade a nice scolding.

10 In The Feels

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For the first time, in 2016, we saw two films from the X-Men universe being released in the same year. Yet these two couldn’t be more different from one another if they tried. Deadpool took the world by storm when it was released early in the year. It had no reminiscence to the X-Men films as we saw no struggle for mutantkind, instead a mercenary on the road to revenge with no care for casualties.

The audience reaction to the two movies was vastly different.

As Shia here demonstrates, Deadpool tickled the funny bone very well with its fourth wall smashing jokes. Meanwhile X-Men: Apocalypse was a film more suited to the franchise’s themes and brought some to tears due to its showcasing of the bromance between Professor X and Magneto.

9 Wrong Universe, Wade

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Now, imagine what it would be like if Deadpool were to crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The whole MCU would be shook, that is for sure, as Deadpool’s fourth wall-breaking quips would confuse more than one person.

In this instance, Deadpool confuses between the two universes' Quicksilver.

As people who have watched Avengers: Age of Ultron would know, Quicksilver met his end in the film’s climax and hasn’t returned since. The X-Men universe’s version of the speedster, though, still lives on. This is why Deadpool threw this wisecrack at Scarlet Witch. There’s no doubt she didn’t fully understand what Wade was implying, but it’s best she remains in the dark, as Wade would no doubt bring back tragic recollections of her past just to hit on her some more.

8 Unimpressed Wade

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During X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s climax, that film’s version of Deadpool is released as Weapon XI and seems to be unbeatable as both Sabretooth and Wolverine had to band together to take him down. In the end, they accomplished (in rather lame manner) by removing Deadpool, although the after-credits scene implied Deadpool was still alive.

In Deadpool, the titular character shows off more adept healing skills by cutting off his own hand and regrowing it a couple hours later. This is the reason why Wade has no real admiration for Wolverine’s healing factor, seeing that he himself can grow parts of his body back. Deadpool even has some great penchant for comedy, which Wolverine also severely lacks. So it’s understandable why Wade’s not impressed.

7 I Know Who You Are

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This meme was made before Deadpool 2’s first teaser was released. Entitled No Good Deed, the skit saw Deadpool attempt to get into his costume before someone across the street is mugged. In pure Deadpool fashion, things go awry. By the time he is able to get into gear, the poor guy has already perished.

Along the way he tells Stan Lee to zip it.

Stan Lee has made appearances in almost all of Marvel’s movies–whether Marvel has produced the movies themselves or not–and his appearance in Deadpool’s little skit was given a nice twist in that Wade was able to recognize the man who gave birth to all of Marvel’s universes. That includes Deadpool himself.

6 Making It Personal

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This meme was also created before Spider-Man made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, although considering Deadpool came out just a few months before Captain America 3 there’s no doubt this was supposed to be a dig at Spidey for not officially being part of the Avengers by the film’s end.

However, Spidey himself has a superb comeback to Wade’s diss by asking him how it feels to be included in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film has its fair share of fans, but for the most part, the film is seen a general disappointment. Deadpool in that film was never well-received. For once, Deadpool’s mouth is shut, as the insult irked him pretty good. Now that X-Men are supposed to become part of the MCU, we may very well see a similar scene.

5 All Grown Up

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Here’s a question to confound viewers: Exactly who is the current version of Deadpool? The explanation for a wide range of differences post X-Men: Days of Future Past is the timeline change we saw in that movie, which caused everything in the future to be rewritten. But this still doesn’t explain Deadpool’s change.

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine version was an adult in the 80s, while the recent one is of the same age in 2016. Then they couldn’t very well be the same guy, could they? For now, the best explanation lies in this meme, and we can just assume that the previous version of Deadpool was simply someone in their freshman year and the new one is in his senior year.

4 Find Wolvie

via screenrant.com

It might be confusing as to what is going on in this post. It is a collage of all of Wolverine’s appearances in the X-Men universe up until X-Men: Apocalypse. Except not quite.

Take a closer look and you’ll see it’s Wade wearing Hugh Jackman’s face.

The actor was never in Deadpool–making it the only X-Men film he was never physically present in–but Deadpool himself ensured Wolverine or Hugh Jackman, or maybe both, were in the film in some shape or form. We saw a magazine print of Ryan Reynolds in the intro of the film too, so it’s not a certainty whether the cutout was of Wolverine or the actor who plays him. Either way, it makes for a nice cameo.

3 Nagging Works

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This whole generation is comprised of a bunch of whiners who are never happy with anything. Anything that the majority of the people set their sights on today will be met with insults, whether it’s a film or a list-based article, but sometimes whining has its uses.

Deadpool had been originally passed on by studio executives and Ryan Reynolds had appeared as Green Lantern in between X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Deadpool as well. Somehow, someone released the test footage of Deadpool and it was seen on the internet. The footage was met with acclaim and fans whined and complained so much about the first version of Deadpool in the Wolverine film so much that the studio had to relent and release the new version.

2 FYI – No One Cares

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When Deadpool skyrocketed in popularity in 2016, there was a whole generation of newfound fans for the character. Forwarding two years into the future will reveal a growing popularity for the Merc with a Mouth, but this was not always the case. When X-men Origins: Wolverine was released in 2009, there were hardly any people who knew who Deadpool was.

Purists were well aware, and made their disapproval of the Deadpool character seen in the film known. These people can rightfully claim to be true fans of the character, but there are many who have retroactively made themselves fans. As Deadpool is the new, cool superhero on the block, you can find a lot of people boasting how they knew who Deadpool was before 2009, even if that were not the case.

1 A Clean Slate

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And finally, here are with the big showdown. And you might not be wrong if you think Ryan Reynolds would dearly love to do this. Green Lantern was an abomination of a movie. It attempted to make awkward and over the top designs look cool, but they only came across as lame. At one point, it seemed as if Ryan Reynolds’ superhero aspirations were over.

But Deadpool was revived and Green Lantern is no more.

Green Lantern Corps is due out in 2020, but Ryan Reynolds will probably be nowhere near it. And if Deadpool had his way, he would definitely take the chance to shoot Green Lantern, in stark daylight, if that could be arranged. We’ll never see that happen, but there’s no one stopping us from laughing at this meme either.

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