Microsoft Brings Back 'Xbox All Access,' Allows For Project Scarlett Upgrade

Microsoft brings back its "Xbox All Access" program for 2019 with a Project Scarlett upgrade option.

Microsoft is bringing back its "Xbox All Access" financing plan this holiday season. A way to subsidize the purchase of your console, Xbox All Access gives users multiple plans for grabbing a console according to their budgets. For $22.99 a month (after signing a two-year agreement), buyers will receive an Xbox One S console with two years of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. $30.99 a month will get you an Xbox One X with Live and Game Pass.

While not a cheaper method of grabbing an Xbox (the costs are roughly equal to out-right buying everything), it does give people on a budget a chance to start gaming. In 2019, though, it might be wise to hold off for the next-generation Xbox, codenamed "Project Scarlett." Microsoft revealed plans to launch the device in Holiday 2020 at E3 this year, so it doesn't make much sense to buy into an Xbox One...that is, it wouldn't if Microsoft didn't include an upgrade option.

For Xbox All Access this year, Microsoft is allowing users to upgrade to Project Scarlett during their contract when the console launches next holiday. Those that go for the One X will be able to upgrade after 12 months while anyone paying for the One S will have to wait 18 months. A third option is also available for a slightly cheaper rate. For $19.99 a month, buyers can opt for the All-Digital Xbox One S and upgrade their device to Project Scarlett after 18 months.

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Source: Microsoft

Cost-wise, users might find it cheaper to wait for sales and grab the individual elements on their own. Xbox One S consoles can sometimes be had for $140, which would save you from having to deal with monthly fees. On the other hand, grabbing an Xbox One X for $31 a month is not a bad get, especially when factoring in the cost of Xbox Live and Game Pass. That it will allow you to upgrade to Scarlett is also a solid deal.

A lot of this depends on the price that Project Scarlett will be going for. Microsoft hasn't revealed any tech specifics, so there's a chance the latest generation may end up costing $600. If so, who's to say the monthly fee won't jump to $50? This is also putting aside how Game Pass has an option for PC users to get in on Microsoft developed games, which may be a better/cheaper option for some.

At any rate, if you haven't jumped into Microsoft's console eco-system yet and are worried about buying one right as the generation ends, All Access at least makes a purchase worth considering.

Source: Polygon

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