There's Xbox Clothing To Go With Your Xbox Cologne - Wear Your Gamertag With Pride

Xbox clothing is coming soon to go with your Xbox cologne and can be customized to include your Gamertag. Microsoft teamed up with well-known gamer apparel line Meta Threads to launch a second generation of Xbox themed tops coming June 11.

Meta Threads and Microsoft have now worked on a second clothing line that highlights athletic and technological influences. The goal has been to maintain an urban stylish look and create functional modern clothing for gamers everywhere. Check out the reveal trailer for a better glimpse:

"Working with a team as talented as Xbox has made the creative development process an incredible experience," said co-founder and president of Meta Threads Steve Nabi. "Gaming remains a dominant force in pop culture and our goal is to capture the lifestyle beyond just the screen, bringing it into our fan’s every day lives. We are excited to announce our second collection with Xbox at E3 and are looking forward to future projects."

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This newest generation of Xbox apparel made its formal debut at E3 with 15 unique pieces that will be available for purchase on June 11. Two of the pieces that were shown at E3 will be exclusively available at the Microsoft Theater from June 11 to 13.

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There seems to be an expanding market for clothing targeted towards gamers. Recently, the Pokémon Company partnered with Original Stitch to create a line of casual, formal, and Hawaiian shirts. The clothing is based on the 151 original Pokémon from the series.

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Meta Threads is located in Los Angeles, California and was formed in March of 2015. The company is a leading apparel brand within the gaming and esports industries that specializes in fusing streetwear aesthetic with gaming culture.

via metathreads.com

It seems like clothing made for this particular demographic may be on the rise. Time will tell if the trend catches on. However, some Xbox fans might want to change their Gamertag before ordering a customized piece of clothing.

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