Every Xbox Game Pass Game Announced For 2020 (So Far)

This has to be just the beginning of the Xbox Game Pass announcements for 2020. Project Scarlett is set to launch in holiday 2020 so it's basically nice to know Microsoft will not be abandoning the Xbox One anytime soon in order to focus on the next generation. Of course, it could be argued that they are indeed focusing on Project Scarlett instead as there is not a lot of first party stuff this year, or next year, as of now, but that also remains to be seen. Who knows? They could surprise everyone within the next few months, or even weeks.

Besides these 10 games, there is one other that should be mentioned: Phantasy Star Online 2. That game coming to the West is a big deal. It launched in, get this, 2012 on PC! Since then it has come to every console under the sun, but only for Japan, despite how well regarded the original game was on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. Even though it's out on other systems overseas, it seems to be exclusive for Xbox One and PC as of now. It's not on Xbox Game Pass as it is free to play for everyone so that's it wasn't included below. Again, it had to be mentioned. This was a long time in the making.

10 Bleeding Edge

This is the new game, exclusive to Xbox, that Ninja Theory is developing. Just as a refresher, Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory at last year's E3 show.

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While there is no release date, there will be an Alpha test on June 27. Players can sign up here in order to check out this brawler take on 4v4 multiplayer. Because of the test so soon after the reveal, it must be a 2020 game unless something goes horribly wrong.

9 Minecraft Dungeons

Let’s get a few things straight right off the bat. First of all, yes, this is being developed internally at Mojang. Secondly, no, there will be no building in the game. This isn’t Minecraft with dungeons. This is Minecraft Dungeons. Got it? Finally, it’s basically Minecraft’s version of Diablo. It can be played online or offline with up to four players and should be out sometime in spring 2020.

8 Ori and the Will of the Wisps


This hotly anticipated sequel has been a long time coming. The original, Ori and the Blind Forest, launched in 2015. Ori and the Will of the Wisps was announced in 2017 at E3 and now, at long last, it will release almost three years after said announcement on February 11, 2020. Here is an additional drop of news. It hasn’t been announced yet, but there is a rumor that the first game may launch on Switch at some point. This would be a good refresher for those that haven’t played the first in a while. Gematsu was the first to report on this.

7 RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright had one of the most bizarre reveals at Microsoft’s show. How does it play? Is it turn based like Paper Mario, or does it have more action elements? Whatever the case may be it looks unique. This has a release window of 2020.

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No season, just the year, which is something to go on at least. With indie games its kind of hard to tell, but the wait will be worth it, hopefully.

6 Halo: Infinite

Last year’s tease for Halo: Infinite was a genuine surprise as the trailer was all that was revealed. Microsoft didn’t share any more on it. Rumors spread that it would be a game akin to Destiny, but based on this new trailer, it appears to be just another straight up Master Chief adventure. That’s a bit disappointing, but maybe there is a secret awaiting players when it launches right alongside Project Scarlett in Holiday 2020. That is to say maybe the Destiny mode is separate to the main campaign.

5 Psychonauts 2

Generación Xbox

Another big surprise at Microsoft’s E3 show was that they bought out Double Fine. That doesn’t mean their game, Psychonauts 2, will be Xbox One and PC exclusive though. It will still release on PS4 as well, just as promised when it was first revealed. The only difference now is that this will be on Xbox Game Pass when it launches sometime in 2020. Just as a reference point, the first game was an original Xbox exclusive in 2005, but only for two months before hitting PS2 as well.

4 Wasteland 3

The parent company, inXile Entertainment, was announced right alongside Microsoft’s acquirement of Obsidian Entertainment. The next Wasteland, which in itself is a spiritual successor to classic Fallout, will now be exclusive to Xbox One and PC.

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Just kidding. It’ll probably release elsewhere, like PS4, as well in 2020. Expect a lot more of the same top-down RPG goodness from the first two.

3 Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer is the third game from Thunder Lotus Games. Does that still not ring a bell? They made Jotun and Sundered and were both pretty good. The great thing about this studio is their hand-drawn art style. It’s crazy in real time. This looks a bit more toned down in terms of both visual fidelity and maturity, but that’s not a bad thing. Look forward to this in 2020.

2 Microsoft Flight Simulator

So, uh, anyone into the Flight Simulator series? It was surprising for a number of reasons. It wasn’t a bad reveal, but it was odd in that this franchise is super niche. Doesn’t seem like a good fit on Xbox One, but it may be just on PC anyway. The last game came out in 2014 and it does have a hungry fan base so good for them. It’ll be out 2020.

1 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will be coming to consoles in 2020. It’s out right now for Early Access on PC as of April.

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The name is sort of a misnomer because it’s anything but accurate, but that’s okay. It’s a goofy, far out, strategy game that is just as fun to play as it is to watch. It’s one of those games seemingly made to be streamed on something like Twitch.

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