Something Mysterious Is Happening On Xbox Game Pass This Week - Is It Finally Coming To Other Devices?

Let the speculation begin, as Xbox Game Pass has something planned for this upcoming Thursday. There's going to be an announcement of some sort for the game service and, right now, nobody has any concrete idea of what it could be.

The rumor mill started up when a mysterious tweet was posted by Xbox Game Pass on Saturday. The tweet features a picture with the words “March 7th no explanation needed” written over a blue, stormy background.

Instantly, this peculiar tweet is making people ask questions. One of which is probably “why did they choose such a horrible font?” However, besides that, what is happening on March 7th and why does the Xbox Game Pass twitter account seem to think that we don’t need an explanation? An explanation would be amazing right now.

Right now, all we can assume is that something that’s at least marginally important is going down this Thursday. As for what it could be, there are countless theories. For example, this could be the official announcement that Xbox Game Pass is finally coming to other platforms. The big rumor that has been going around for a while now is that Game Pass could potentially be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft and Nintendo have been acting very friendly toward one another as of late, and this could be the ultimate sign of partnership between the two companies.

RUMOR: Xbox Game Pass And Game Streaming Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

This announcement also could have something to do with Xbox Game Pass finally coming to the PC. Microsoft has said for a while now that the service would soon be available on PC, but there hasn’t been any official date set for Game Pass to launch on computers. This could finally be the day that either we can get it on PC or, at the very least, get a date for when Game Pass will go live.

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There are other options, though. A new game or games could be announced for the service. Perhaps one of the companies that Microsoft purchased a while back will only make games specifically for it. There could also be a new tier added to the Game Pass or a change to how Game Pass works. Really, all we have right now are theories and speculation.

Whatever this big event is, it seems like there’s something potentially huge coming for Xbox Game Pass. We’ll all find out this Thursday if the announcement was worth a giant message written in a terrible font.

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