10 Xbox Games That Probably Aren't As Good As You Remember

When remembering Xbox, the first Halo, Beyond Good and Evil, and Battlefront all remain classics. But how well do other Xbox games hold up today?

When it comes to disappointments, the Xbox is the console king. Save your fanboy outcry -- because it would do you no good when you see the grim fate that has met once beloved franchises like Halo, Gears of War and Crackdown -- all of which have noticeably worsened over the years.

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It gets even worse when you go back to those once revolutionary games and face the bitter reality that they no longer hold up. There's no doubt that titles like the original Halo, Beyond Good And Evil and the Battlefront games will remain classics for the foreseeable future. But today, let's go over the Xbox titles that haven't held up.

10 Call of Duty 3


Call of Duty games have a nasty habit of not holding up very well. Compared to other franchises that pace themselves with a competent release every few years, Activision takes the approach of milking their games for everything their worth, and then some.

This trend can be traced back to around the time Call of Duty 3 was released, or as we consider it, the first time the games noticeably dipped in quality.  The campaign got much cheesier with dreaded quick time events that only increased over time and the multiplayer felt tiresome. Despite this the game sold well, but it's only stuck out more as time has gone on.

9 Mass Effect


The first Mass Effect game was a masterpiece not only in the RPG genre, but one that impacted gaming for years to come. And in many rights it's still worth going back to, but it's definitely the game that has aged the worst in this acclaimed franchise.

For starters, unless you were playing on PC, the combat system is frustrating to no end. The game play seems like an artifact in a museum compared to the modern RPG mechanics that makes games like Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Undertale so much fun. It's still a great game, but I hard place to start in the franchise if you're used to contemporary RPGs.

8 Left 4 Dead


Even when Left 4 Dead set the gaming industry ablaze back in 2008, fans didn't really get the hype. It felt like a Half Life 2 mod, albeit one with more unique zombies than any game had ever imagined. But this game proved to do much more harm to the industry than good, despite its successes.

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The industry became saturated with Zombie games, all copying the now tired formula that Left 4 Dead created. And while games like Left 4 Dead are fun to play with friends for a few hours you don't mind losing, they lack any depth and feel more like the zombie version of Call of Duty.

7 Dark Souls

It's another first of a franchise that just doesn't feel as adequate compared to sequels and games it's inspired. Anyone who had the pleasure of jumping on the hype train early back in 2011 when Dark Souls first released will tell you how wild of a ride it was.

The game felt so different, so much better paced and difficult than any of its contemporaries; and it became so influential that it became a genre of its own. That said, it was still very bare bones compared to what was to come, and Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are proof of that.

6 Left 4 Dead 2

The problems — which not everyone in the fandom agrees with — only grew with Left 4 Dead's first sequel. Many critics and fans seemed to at least agree that this was a downgrade in quality coming off the last game, as it felt like more of the same with a few additions.

Those additions you ask? More zombies! Different zombies! The same zombies! And, wait for it, new playable characters! It left a lot to be desired and gives a little credit to the aforesaid theory of Left 4 Dead being bad for the gaming industry.

5 Crackdown


This one was never good, maybe different, with a cool aesthetic when it came to graphics, but it was far from revolutionary like many Xbox gamers seemed to think it was. It was an open world game where you could do whatever you want, and while it was one of the first of its kind, in retrospect it's also one of the worst.

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Games like Saints Row, Sunset Overdrive and the recent Spider-Man game have taken the bare bones formula that Crackdown tried to popularize and have done it much, much better. The game just always fell flat in terms of story and soul, and it did that again with its most recent version.

4 Lost Planet


It's sad to see such a great concept like Lost Planet gone to waste, but like Crackdown, this game just never really had a soul. It did however, have a great atmosphere, awesome mec-to-mech combat and a competent multiplayer.

But it had so much going against it, like a story that confuses more than hooks you in and enemies who feel so forgettable, fans couldn't tell you their names or motivation if you asked them on the spot. On paper, this should be a classic, one that is immortalized in gaming for years to come. Instead, we have a game that feels painful to return to.

3 Counter Strike


You can go back and forth in an argument about the original Counter Strike holding up. The game play still trumps some of the best shooters today, the graphics might look choppy to some, but they're easy to look past and the maps are the most iconic in gaming.

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But this is if we're talking about the PC version, and this is an Xbox list, and Counter Strike has no place being on a console. It feels 10 times slower the moment you use a controller for this PC classic, and the game's failure on consoles has continued up into its recent version.

2 Need For Speed: Carbon


Need for Speed made its name during this generation of consoles, and any gamer who lived through these years will be quick to defend classics like Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and the king of the crop, Underground. It's funny how much the Need for Speed series not only dominated the racing genre, but the entire video game industry in general.

And now, this once wildly popular franchise has been reduced to a small blip in gaming, with much of that being attributed to flops like Carbon. This game is far easier than other titles, and feels much shorter because of that.

1 RollerCoaster Tycoon


Another game that's a bit of a classic, maybe even a fan-favorite. Yet it had no place being a game on the original XboxIn fact, this game has more place being on mobile, a platform where the game has seen wild success in recent years.

But a console — where you have to use a controller to navigate a series of menus and very minute quadrants — that's a no-no. Simulation games like RollerCoaster Tycoon just have no place on console the same way that a game like NBA 2K has no place on PC. They're just infinitely times better on the platform they were meant to be played on.

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