December's Games With Gold Selection Taps Into Nostalgia

December's "Games With Gold" selection makes a clear play for your nostalgia bone.

Microsoft has announced the lineup of games available on "Games With Gold" for December 2019 and it can be summed up in a single word: nostalgia. While Insane Robots is unlikely to be nostalgic for anyone, the three other games on offer all tap into some form of childhood wonder.

On the Xbox One side of things, Insane Robots and Jurassic World Evolution will be available. The former can be grabbed starting December 1 until the end of the month. Jurassic World Evolution will be available from December 16 until January 15.

For Xbox 360 players -and playable via backward compatibility-, both Toy Story 3 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD are up for the taking. They might both be recent examples of their respective franchises, but many players have fond memories of earlier installments from their youth. Toy Story 3 only happened because 1 and 2 were massive, for instance.

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Because Microsoft has to be different, these games are only available between certain dates. You can find the breakdown below to make things easier to understand.

Xbox One

  • Insane Robots - December 1 - 31
  • Jurassic World Evolution - December 16 - January 15

Xbox 360

  • Toy Story 3 - December 1 - 15
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD - December 16 - 31

It might be hard to recommend any of these games, but Jurassic World Evolution is set to receive some classic DLC in December. Bringing in themes and buildings from the original 1993 film, its inclusion this month is likely to promote that upcoming DLC pack. The game has its issues, but seeing those dinosaurs coming to live on your screen is certainly a treat.

Toy Story 3 is also regarded as a fairly competent children's game. During the Xbox 360/PS3 era, Disney released a ton of Pixar related games that happened to be pretty good. There were obviously problems that adults might not be so forgiving of, but you couldn't deny the passion its developers put in. Toy Story 3's unique "toy box" mode would even go on to serve as the basis for Disney Infinity.

Maybe it would have been nice to see some larger titles this month, but you can't always get winners. With Xbox Game Pass now being bundled with Live (if you opt for Game Pass Ultimate), Games With Gold has almost become redundant. Maybe Microsoft will drop it next-generation, which wouldn't be that bad.

Source: Major Nelson

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