The Best Free Xbox One MMO Games You Can Play

The Xbox One has had a tough go of things in recent years. The PS4 has dominated this generation, while Microsoft has blurred the line between console and computer, effectively reducing the importance of the former. While the Xbox brand is currently on an upswing, thanks largely to services like Game Pass and the release of great games like Gears Of War 5, the console is destined to be little more than a stepping stone for the next generation.

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Unsurprisingly, the Xbox One is not exactly overstocked when it comes to MMOs. Now, in all fairness, the same can be said about the PS4, as the genre tends to shine the brightest on PC. That said, there are still a number of worthwhile free-to-play MMOs on Microsoft's hardware.

10 DC Universe Online

Originally released in 2011, DC Universe Online is a veteran of the genre, one that has somehow survived for nearly a decade. With the MMO being ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2019, Daybreak Game Company's action-oriented title is destined to remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

DC Universe Online is primarily for fans of the comics, who are allowed to create an original character to immerse themselves within DC's storied universe. With new episodes being released sporadically that center around established heroes and villains, DC Universe Online has just the right mix of fanservice and genuine awesomeness.

9 Neverwinter

Set within the Dungeons & Dragons universe, specifically Neverwinter's Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter was among the earliest MMORPGs to hit the Xbox One. Furthermore, the 2015 port proved that traditional MMOs had a place on the console.

As tends to be the case with most MMOs, Neverwinter's early hours can be somewhat of a slog, although the campaign never gets too boring. The real excitement starts once players begin to take part in massive battles against towering enemies, typically dragons.

8 Warframe

The MMO genre is loosely defined; in fact, technically, the original version of Warframe does not qualify. A crucial characteristic of the genre is the existence of an open world where seemingly endless players can interact, an element that was absent in Warframe. However, over the years, Digital Extremes has constantly updated the third-person shooter, eventually adding areas that permit players to truly feel like part of the universe.

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Consequently, Warframe's early hours are comfortably the least enjoyable. The story is threadbare and time is spent primarily clearing procedurally-generated levels with little rhyme or reason. Later on, Warframe opens up its myriad of planets and civilizations, revealing it has far more to offer than just great combat.

7 World Of Tanks

World of Tanks has become a staple of the recent MMO scene, with the game being made available on various devices. As a free-to-play title, when it comes to vehicle models and environmental detail, World of Tanks blows most of its contemporaries out of the water. With a number of different game modes, there is more than enough variety to ensure the userbase keeps coming back for more.

Teamwork is a huge part of World of Tanks, with matches pairing users together in a tactical fight that requires constant communication. Overall, World of Tanks is not instantly gratifying but grows into something special over time.


An MMORPG praised for its fast-paced and fluid combat, TERA is one of the veterans of the genre and has been available on PC since 2011. The real-time combat is comfortably the main reason to play TERA, especially with a controller. On the Xbox One, TERA arguably has among the best action-oriented gameplay on the system.

Moving past the combat, TERA does little to distinguish itself from other MMORPGs. The questing system is especially uninvolving, amounting to a string of boring kill/fetch quests that only exacerbate the boredom of the already substantial grind required to level up.

5 Star Trek Online

Star Trek needs no introduction. If there is one franchise that seems tailor-made for the MMO treatment, Star Tek would have to be it. Even though the license does occasionally dabble in action, Star Trek is primarily about space-exploration and discovering the unknown, which is ideal for a space-explorer MMORPG.

Star Trek Online has its fair share of problems, including uneven performance and bland quests, but Cryptic Studios has done a respectable job of updating the game since its initial release in 2010. The gameplay is divided into space battles and ground combat, with the former being particularly fun. If nothing else, STO allows fans to live out their dream of captaining a ship and going where no man has gone before.

4 Skyforge

Skyforge is somewhat underrated, often failing to earn a mention alongside the best MMORPGs on the market. Released in 2015 on PC before being ported to consoles in 2017, Skyforge literally allows its players to be gods, although ones who are charged with protecting the world of Aelion.

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Skyforge's most interesting concept is its progression system, which does away with levels. As the story states that a god's strength is directly dependent on their followers, the player automatically gains access to new equipment as they complete more quests and gain prestige. This mechanic makes it far easier to experiment with the game's wide array of classes.

3 Onigiri

On PC, there is no shortage of free-to-play anime-style MMORPGs; however, on Xbox One, the genre starts and ends with Onigiri. Originally released in 2013, Onigiri is a respectable hack-and-slash game that, admittedly, benefits from the lack of competition on consoles.

Beyond scratching an itch, does Onigiri hold up as an MMORPG? While far from perfect, the fun hack-and-slash combat and ancient Japan-inspired world make Onigiri worth giving a try for those searching for a decent timewaster.

2 Destiny 2

OK - Destiny 2 is not a fully-fledged MMO, however, Bungie's online shooter has been steadily implementing more RPG elements. With the base game going free-to-play recently, there has never been a better time to try Destiny. Despite coming out to decent reviews, Destiny 2 experienced a rather turbulent first year, with the post-game leaving a lot to be desired. Since then, Bungie has improved things considerably, especially since the developer cut ties with Activision.

It is likely that Destiny will one day become a full MMO; until then, 2017's shooter offers one of the most robust and enjoyable MMO-adjacent experiences on the Xbox One.

1 Crossout

World of Tanks is the best vehicular combat MMO on the Xbox One, but Crossout serves as a decent Mad Max-esque alternative. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the point of Crossout is to scrap together different parts to build the ultimate vehicle, which can then be used in a variety of match types that reward even more parts.

The micro-transactions are unfortunately quite intrusive and grant a noticeable advantage to those willing to spend cash; however, assuming someone is willing to look past this element, Crossout is an entertaining distraction.

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