Leaked: Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Could Be Coming Out As Early As May

The box art and release date for Microsoft's rumored all-digital Xbox One has been leaked, and we could be seeing the console very soon. Previously known as the "Maverick," the new console will be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Gamers who are interested in the all-digital console, but still want to use their current collection of physical games, can visit a participating retailer and turn their physical disks into a digital download for the Xbox One S All-Digital.

The news came from Brad Sams at Thurott.com, who revealed that the console will likely be debuted at Inside Xbox in April, and will be launched for sale on May 7. The Xbox One S All-Digital will have a simultaneous, global launch in all existing Xbox markets.

Sams also revealed the Xbox One S All-Digital box art to Windows Central. Although it had to recreate the image in Photoshop to protect the photo's origins, it's still clear that the new console will be visually identical to the original Xbox One S. The only difference between the two is that the All-Digital Edition is missing the disc drive and an eject button.

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The box art will also be very clear that the console does not work with physical games to avoid customer confusion between the All-Digital Edition and the original Xbox One S.

via Windows Central

The product shots provided to Windows Central confirmed that the All-Digital Edition will come with 1 TB HDD, as well as digital copies of Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft. However, access to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service will have to be purchased separately.

The exact price of the All-Digital Edition is not yet known, but it will be the cheapest Xbox console to date. Microsoft's goal in removing the physical disk drive is to lower the price of the console so that it will be more accessible, as well as create a larger market for its Xbox Game Pass service.

The All-Digital Edition will probably also be compatible with Microsoft's upcoming xCloud service, a Netflix-like, cloud-based service that will allow players to "stream" games.

The new console will launch alongside a new Fortnite version of the Xbox One that will feature a custom Fortnite game design. It will not, however, come bundled with the actual game.

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