How To Set A Custom Gamerpic On Xbox One

With Microsoft's new Xbox One update allowing users to post personalized Gamerpics, we show players how to set their desired photo.

It’s no secret that Xbox One is lagging behind its rival in terms of sales. Sure, we could debate exclusives, quality over quantity and such for hours, Microsoft fans could hop onto every PlayStation 4-related YouTube video they can find, and spout grammatically-questionable and weary nonsense about the console, as do PlayStation fans, but you can’t argue with facts.

In terms of pure, raw and uncensored sales, Sony is in front. Microsoft isn't phased by any of this, though, and are just keeping on keeping on. Where PlayStation has their "for the players tagline," Microsoft is also committed to fans and they constantly make changes and updates based on their feedback. Their latest console update, which rolled out late last week, continues that trend, giving players something they've requested for a long time.

The most important addition that comes in said update is the new custom Gamerpics players have been asking for. Previously, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers alike have been limited to choosing from a selection of pre-approved images for their profile pictures. With this new functionality, Xbox gives us the chance to use any image of our choosing (although Xbox Live’s Code of Conduct are here to stop us using anything too shady).

Via: windowscentral.com

Doing this is simple. You’re able to upload an image of your choosing from your Windows 10 PC, smartphone or console itself, and simply set that as your Gamerpic. This might not sound like all that much, but it’s something that many of us have wanted for some time.

Ardent Facebook users (read: most of the darn world nowadays) know how brilliantly convenient it is to be able to instantly upload a shot of their choosing to their profile. The process is just the same here, and that’s a significant step. Many gamers find the available selection of profile pics quite uninspired; we don’t all want a character or series logo to represent us online. This will surely make finding Xbox friends much easier.


That's not the only portion of the update, however. The Xbox One exclusive fighter Killer Instinct now features user-generated tournaments, letting us get in on the action in a quicker and more organized fashion. Also, You can also sign in to your Xbox One with just a tap of the Xbox button, and the Xbox App for iOS and Android are now equipped with Game Pass Browsing and a range of other new features.

Along with the controllers’ new functionality to sign yourself in at a tap of the button, it’s clear that Xbox is pushing to enhance customization beyond anything that consoles have offered before.

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