Xbox One X Is The Most Talked About Topic Of E3 2017

Microsoft dominated social media discussions during E3 2017, in particular their new console, the Xbox One X.

And so another E3 has come to a close. The dust has settled, the sweaty lanyards a-dangle journalists have left. Show’s over folks, move along now. There’s nothing more to see here.

E3 2017 was, of course, extensively covered, both on the show floor itself and by stream viewers across the planet. This being the premiere gaming event on the calendar, there was a lot to see/shriek like a schoolgirl at/feel bitter, crushing disappointment over. That’s the way of the E3 Hype Train, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The post show round-ups, as a result, are usually focused on one key question: Who ‘won’? In today’s hyper-connected world, likes, retweets, hashtags and thumbs-up are the standard by which success is measured, and they’re super convenient when it comes to determining who came out on top.

As Venture Beat reported at the close of the show on Friday, all of the data from social media conversations regarding E3 has been analysed by Synthesio. This social intelligence platform allows users to see what people are talking about (and, more important, what they’re saying about it), and its findings are in: Xbox One X was the biggest talking point of E3 2017.

According to the data, Microsoft themselves generated the most buzz of the developers and publishers at the show, with 26.04% of E3 discussion centered around them. Of that 26.04, almost three quarters (71.20%) was Xbox One X talk. As readers will know, the much-anticipated Xbox ‘Scorpio’ was finally given a name, release date and price last week, and there’s been a heaping helping of discussion about the announcement since.

Via: onmsft.com (Synthesio)

In second place behind Microsoft and their new system came Nintendo, with 22% of the total E3 buzz. Predictably, the Switch took over a third of that, and heavy hitter Super Mario Odyssey took a further third of that third.

It’s all getting a little too math-y around here, but if you’re a fan of these sorts of nerdy statistics, Synthesio will be your new BFF. The software also generates a Social Reputation Score for brands and companies, which also takes into account how positive said tweets and Facebook posts are. For once, quelle surprise, EA came out on top of the positive pops, with Nintendo and Microsoft in second and third and Sony a distant seventh. The statistically-inclined can hit the links to find out more about Synthesio and the conclusions it drew from this year’s E3.


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