Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start 'Later In The Year'

FCC regulations may be keeping the Xbox One X from being pre-ordered just yet.

The Xbox One X, formerly called Project Scorpio, is not for sale yet. However that hasn't stopped Microsoft from greenlighting a series of pre-order sites. The new Xbox console, unveiled at Microsoft's E3 press conference yesterday, is set to be released on November 7th. According to fine print on Microsoft's site, the Xbox One X is not yet approved by the FCC. This is the probable reason for why Microsoft announced both the launch date, and the price (the console is going to be sold for $499), but no pre-ordering. This is not particularly unusual; the PlayStation 4 was unveiled in February 2013 but only approved by the FCC the following July.

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Here are the official product listing pages for some of the largest retailers of the console: Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop.


The Xbox One X is being touted by Microsoft as "the most powerful console ever". It has six teraflops of graphics processing power, to its competitor's, the PlayStation 4 Pro, four. Microsoft is also calling it the only console able to truly play 4k and HDR gaming at 60 fps. Like several other consoles on the market, it has 8 CPU cores. It also features a liquid cooling vapor chamber to prevent overheating. It is far and away the most powerful console that Microsoft has created, while also being the smallest, with a built in power supply system. It is also the heaviest console on the market right now, at 8.4 pounds to the PS4 Pro's 7.2.

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In response to queries about when the pre-order was going to become available, Microsoft spokesperson Albert Penello emphasized that the unveiling was for the launch date and the price only, and that pre-orders would take place later in the year. While this caused some, dismay, skepticism and speculation on why the pre-orders were not available, it is suspected they avoided getting FCC approval until the unveiling to avoid any leaks. Nonetheless, it seems that there were plenty of fans looking to get their hands on a pre-order after the official product announcement.

In order to demonstrate the console's impressive visuals, Microsoft previews game play for Forza Motorsport 7. Beyond the visuals, Microsoft has also heavily invested in backwards compatibility, and has promised that even selected Xbox games will be available for play on the new system.

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