Xbox Scarlett's Reveal Was A Lot Of Numbers And One Glorious Beard

The Microsoft conference brought a huge amount of news, but one of the most anticipated reveals was the company’s successor to the Xbox One, Project Scarlett. The reveal showcased a glorious beard, sported by one of the team, as well as a lot of numbers. Here’s what we know so far.

Microsoft’s focus is on gaming and its new console will be designed, customized and optimized solely for this purpose. After hyping up the team’s current console experience, Microsoft's video revealed more details about the next generation project.

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In it, different people spoke about choices and the ability to play on different platforms. It seems like compatibility and cross-platform gaming are high on the agenda. This was followed by a discussion about making the new console faster and more responsive, cutting loading screen time, and increasing immersion.

We were also given a lot of numbers. According to Microsoft, the technological leap will be bigger than in any previous generation.

via E3 Microsoft Press Conference

The console will have a custom processor utilizing Zen 2 and Navi technology from AMD. It is said to be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. It is also leveraging high bandwidth GDDR 6 technology. This is expected to bring higher resolution and frame rates than we’ve ever seen from a console.

The team went on to discuss a frame rate of 120fps and an 8k graphics capability. They also stated that the console will feature a variable refresh rate and hardware acceleration.

For the project, Microsoft has developed a new generation of SSDs, which can also be used as virtual ram. Because of this, performance is said to become 40 times better than what we get from the current generation consoles.

Microsoft wants to create an immersive experience, which will allow developers to build the games they’ve always envisioned without being limited by the technology. Microsoft now has 13 studios working on next-generation content.

No images of the console's shell were shown, just snapshots of circuit boards, but we were given a time frame, which simply states that Project Scarlett will be out in Holiday 2020.

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