5 Confirmed Facts About Xbox Scarlett And 5 Things On The Wish List For Microsoft's New Console

The next generation of console gaming is proving to be quite a tantalizing time indeed, and one need only look at the sheer importance of Xbox Scarlett to understand why this is the case. After all, the fact of the matter is that this project is poised to develop the next generation of console gaming, in a manner that no one can anticipate.

Thankfully, for the most part, we already have a fair idea of what to expect from the next console in the Xbox series. Microsoft has already confirmed several facets that this upcoming console has left gamers all over the world craving the release of this wondrous device. However, a certain section of gamers are still not satisfied yet — they want moar!

For everything you need to know about Xbox Scarlett, here's an in-depth look into five confirmed facts about this console that you need to be aware of, coupled with five things that every gamer is pining for Xbox to announce as well!

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10 CONFIRMED — Releasing In Holiday Season 2020

Xbox's E3 showcase was nothing short of a delight, featuring some of the best games and the most anticipated technology around. Well, it must be said that the reveal of Xbox Scarlett was nothing short of a complete success, hyping up gamers for what was proving to be an amazing time for Xbox indeed.

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The presentation did have one key point: Xbox Scarlett releasing on Holiday 2020 has led to substantial buzz among a large section of the audience. Time will only tell which holiday they're referring to, but hey — at least it's releasing sometime next year.

9 WISH LIST — Wireless Headset Support

Most gaming consoles have been absolutely lambasted for a lack of support when it comes to wireless headsets. This is quite odd, especially since wireless connectivity is quickly becoming the norm. For home consoles to not take advantage of this development is somewhat mystifying, to say the least.

Thus, it's somewhat understandable that a majority of fans want wireless headset support in the latest console. Only time will tell whether this development will be a reality, however.

8 CONFIRMED — Launching With Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Screenshot Hologram Explosion

The Halo series is one of Xbox's most revered exclusive franchises, so it makes sense that Xbox Scarlett will launch with the next chapter of the Halo universe — namely, Halo Infinite.

While the reveal for this game didn't exactly show what the game would be all about, we all know that any Halo game is bound to be an excellent title anyway.

7 WISH LIST — Bigger Lineup Of Exclusives

However, Microsoft also needs to realize that they can't just rely on their age-old franchises to carry their console forward. After all, if there's one thing that has been made crystal-clear during this console generation, it's that PlayStation has been winning by a country mile when it comes to exclusives.

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So, Microsoft needs to pull up its socks and release some amazing exclusives that will actually compel hardcore gamers to choose their console over that of Sony's.

6 CONFIRMED — Incredible Specs

If there's one thing that gamers are seriously anticipating when it comes to the next generation of console gaming, it's the fact that the power of these home consoles will be second to none.

Xbox is already winning the game in this regard, with a custom AMD Zen 2 processor that will apparently be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. Other features include technical marvels like ray tracing support, support for up to 120fps gameplay, 8K resolution, GGDR6 memory, and variable refresh rates.

5 WISH LIST — Upgradeable Hardware

However, the one thing that most people need to get through their head that a console is no PC... or is it?

If the Xbox Scarlett actually comes with the added functionality of having customizable hardware, then it pretty much goes without saying that the console will be revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Of course, that's a pretty strong "if."

4 CONFIRMED — Virtually Zero Loading Times

Solid State Drives have become a thing to covet amongst gamers. So, it's pretty understandable as to why gamers would want this technology to become a staple of their gaming experience.

Xbox Scarlett is fulfilling this promise through a custom SSD that— long with a 40x increase in performance—will also virtually eliminate any load times whatsoever.

3 WISH LIST — Substantial Hard Drive Space

While the hard drive space of Xbox Scarlett hasn't been discussed yet, one must understand that games of the future will occupy substantial disc space.

This mandates the needs for the console generation of tomorrow—including the Xbox Scarlett—to accommodate for this requirement by providing for larger hard drives, with a minimum of 2TB hard drives being expected.

2 CONFIRMED — Project xCloud

With technology like Google Stadia poised to make a big splash in the realm of gaming, it seems that streaming is going to be the next big thing in the forthcoming console generation.

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Enter Project xCloud, an ambitious project that will let you stream big-budget AAA games to your smartphone or tablet. The possibilities enabled by this software are nothing short of immense, and one can only wait and see how this development will shape the landscape of gaming as we know it.

1 WISH LIST — Making 4K 60FPS The Standard

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There was a time when the onset of HD gaming completely blew our minds. It was simply incomprehensible for us to believe that the visuals on our screens while playing a video game could be on-so-crisp. Of course, HD gaming has become the norm right now and no modern gamer would even bother to praise the crispness of the visuals we see right now.

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Now, with the next generation of console gaming at our doorstep, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that our graphical aspirations are certainly going to be quite immense. This can be seen in the fact that numerous gamers wish for 4K 60FPS to become the standard in the video games of today.

Of course, only time will tell whether this situation will become a full-blown reality.

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