Xbox Continues Its Streak Of No News, With Scarlett Not Appearing At X019

Microsoft won't be talking about Xbox Scarlett at X019 this weekend.

At X019, the annual "celebration of all things Xbox," there's a certain Xbox thing that isn't going to be there: the next Xbox. The upcoming 2020 Xbox (whose announcement is a big part of the reason that nobody's buying the current generation of Xbox right now) will not be present for Microsoft's big London conference this weekend.

The next-generation Xbox was announced at E3 2019 and there was a flood of information that came out right around that time. We found out that Halo Infinite will be a launch title and that Microsoft plans to include ray-tracing. The company believes it'll achieve 120fps and an 8k resolution, says it'll include SSDs that will double as virtual RAM, and that there will be some measure of backward compatibility.

After this torment of news, Microsoft followed up the announcement with a heaping pile of nothing. No new specs, no first look at the system, no announcements of upcoming games -- nothing. It's been total media silence as Microsoft, presumably, has been working behind the scenes to make sure its brand new system will meet everyone's expectations.

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A more-skeptical gamer might be persuaded to believe that Microsoft has either something to hide or nothing to show. Meanwhile, there's been a steady drip-feed of information and rumors surrounding its biggest competitor, the PS5. We've heard it might use cartridges. We know it'll use less power. We know it'll work as a 4k Blu-Ray Player. We've seen what it looks like and then found out it doesn't actually look like that.

Whether Microsoft realizes it or not, the more people hear about the PS5 (true or otherwise), the more it'll be at the forefront of their minds. And as much as we like to pretend we're all above mind games, awareness of a product counts for a lot when it comes to sales.

As for anything else related to X019, make sure to head back to TheGamer this weekend as we provide coverage and in-depth looks at new trailers and announcements. Just don't expect the Xbox Scarlett.

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