Xbox Spring Sale Will Give You 1000 Apex Legends Coins AND A Month Of Gold for $1

Observant Xbox users have discovered the details of the spring sale early, and free Apex Legends coins seem to be up for grabs. The deal gets even sweeter, as it comes with a month of Xbox Live Gold for a $1.

The deal is being made known early thanks to mgush5 on the Xbox One subreddit. They wanted to warn other Xbox users to turn off auto-renew on their Xbox Live or Game Pass so that they could take advantage of the coming deals instead. They cite their source, a bit of fine print on the bottom of the official Microsoft website. It's hidden under a "show more" tab, but reveals the times and terms of the upcoming spring promotion for Xbox online services.

Starting on April 11th, you can get one month of Xbox Live Gold for $1. If you purchase that deal between the 11th and May 12th, "a digital code for 1000 Apex Legends coins will be sent to your Xbox Message Center on your Xbox One console by 6/30/2019." The only caveat is that it can't be a renewal of an existing subscription.

The nice thing about this is that the Apex Legends battle pass happens to cost 950 Apex Coins. So Xbox Players who might have been on the fence about the pass can now get it for basically free. Or they can get one of the rarer skins they had their eye on. All because they renewed Xbox Live for a fraction of its normal price.

There's another fantastic deal that will run alongside this one. Three months of Xbox Game Pass will be purchasable for $1, both new subscriptions and lapsed ones.

Mgush5 includes one last tip helpful tip in their post. Since the Xbox 9:00 PM PDT on April 11th and end at 11:59 PM PDT on May 12th, there is a small window to possibly buy them twice. If a user gets it at, say, 9:05 PM on 4/11 right when it begins, it should expire on May 12th. Then, before that day ends, they could buy it again. There's no guarantee, but it is an enticing theory that's at least worth a try.

Microsoft might not be having the best year when it comes to games, but it is doing some interesting things with digital services. And more might be coming...

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