Xbox VP Jokes About Anthem's Loot System

Every morning the people at Besthesda wake up and thank the gods above for the gift that is Anthem. While Fallout 76 is far from fixed, it is no longer the internet’s number one joke thanks to Anthem’s less than stellar launch. And the hits just keep on coming for BioWare as now even executives in the gaming industry seem to be getting on the Anthem hate bandwagon.

Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has been playing the looter shooter as of late. Judging by his tweets, it looks like he may be getting a little sick of the grind.

Now there are two ways to read this tweet. Either Ybarra is mocking how long it takes to get anything of substance out of Anthem's loot system, or maybe this is meant to be a badge of honor. As if he's having so much fun playing the game that he's plugged ten hours into it and finally gotten that precious yellow loot.

That last one is probably a bit of a stretch.

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The interesting thing about this tweet is that it comes from Ybarra, who was the one criticizing reviewers for the way Anthem was received. He was the one going to bat for the beleaguered game, and now it looks like he's slagging it on Twitter himself. What's worse is Microsoft has an exclusive marketing deal for Anthem, meaning the Executive Vice President is badmouthing a game his company has a stake in. That doesn't look good.

Anthem is having enough problems as it is. The loot system has been broken for about as long as the game has been out. With loot drops being boosted and nerfed, and the loot itself is barely worth it as most starting weapons are just as good as the legendary weapons.  And then there's the crashes...

Anthem recently tried to fix it's loot drops with a patch, but it seems like things are still unfortunately borked. This may be the reason for Ybarra's tweet. Things may be so bad with Anthem right now that even their corporate partners are getting tired of all the issues. It wouldn't be surprising if Ybarra gets a bit of a talking to about this tweet by the higher ups at Microsoft. Even if the tweet was just a joke (and also a valid complaint).

Todd Howard is sleeping a little easier at night right now thanks to the mess that is Anthem. Sure Fallout 76 may have leaked some of its players' personal info, but it didn't almost brick consoles at least. Bioware has a lot of work to do, and with The Division 2 also about to enter the battle for looter shooter supremacy, things don't look especially great for the makers of Mass Effect.

But hey, there's still Dragon Age 4. Right?

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