XERA: Survival Is A PvPvE Looter Shooter That's Gearing Up To Take Steam By Storm

XERA: Survival will scratch that itch for a survival looter/shooter PvPvE game that Fallout 76 and The Division 2 didn't quite satisfy.

Xera Survival

Looter shooter survival game XERA: Survival is heading to Steam Early Access this Friday.

In the future, the machines have taken over. Or at least, that’s what happens in the fictional world of XERA: Survival. A mega-corporation called XERA creates a prototype combat robot that gains sentience and also industrial manufacturing capabilities. In a few weeks, there’s a bajillion combat robots out there all seeking the end of humanity as we know it. You play as a mercenary hired to quell the robot uprising to prevent a Terminator-style apocalypse.

On your side are drones, guns, and whatever medical and food supplies you can pick up along the way. The emphasis here is on the word “Survival."

Spotted Kiwi Interactive, a New Zealand-based indie studio, is taking XERA: Survival to Steam’s Early Access program starting on May 24th. They’ve just wrapped up a successful open alpha period that saw 10,000 concurrent players kill both robots and each other, and now they’re getting ready to unleash their particular brand of multiplayer-survival-looter-shooter on the biggest digital sales platform in the world.

via Spotted Kiwi Interactive

XERA: Survival combines a lot of genres. First, there’s the definite survival aspect as players will constantly need to scrounge around for weapons and supplies. Next is the RPG angle that provides players with progressively more powerful skills and crafting recipes the more XP the gain from looting and/or shooting.

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There’s also a PvP element as anyone not on your team is fair game. Kill them, loot their stuff, and then move on before the killer robots notice.

But the biggest threat will always be the PvE elements, which requires that everyone be well armed to take down armies of human-hating robots.

Players that accept missions into the 4x4 km forest will experience dynamic weather and a day/night cycle that really makes the world come alive. If you die, you only lose whatever items you brought with you, while other scavenged items will remain in a persistent global inventory that follows you no matter what server you migrate to.

XERA: Survival can be purchased for the low price of $19.99 USD on Steam starting on Friday, May 24th. As this is an Early Access game, expect bugs, but also expect vast improvements as time goes on. Some of the best games of all time started on Early Access, and XERA: Survival has all the traits of being Steam’s next big indie success story.

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