xQc Tries To Clean Up His Disgusting Room, Somehow Makes It Worse

Any attempt to clean up a dirty room should go a long way into making it better, if not clean. When it comes to Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel, though, a bedroom cleanup campaign appears to be a task too much - he somehow made it worse after responding to fans' calls to tidy up.

The popular gamer took to Twitch on Sunday, following viewer outrage given the ungodly state of his setup, and made an attempt to appease his audience. Sadly, that ended up backfiring, leaving him worse off than he started.

Disgusting seems to be a bit of an understatement when the streamer's room comes into question. A prior stream brought cups, soda cans, and at least one bottle (sat atop a filthy PS4 console) into view; the entire place was basically trash-strewn. There was even a spoiled pizza with one slice missing from the box. "That is literally rotten," he told viewers.

There was also a plate bearing what appears to be rotting vegetables and a slice of buttered bread from which one bite had been taken.

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An attempt at cleaning up his gaming desk went horribly wrong. Felix somehow decided that copious amounts of dishwashing soap - without any water, mind you - would be the way to go. By now, he must have found out that it's pretty sticky, considering he only used paper towels to mop up the viscous liquid.

Felix's room is definitely in need of a mother's touch, yet you'd think that he'd at least be capable of sprucing the place up to a reasonable degree himself. His stream tells us that such is not the case. He's probably better off waiting for mommy or getting someone else to come over to lend a helping hand.

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