xQc Freaks Out After Seeing Man At His Window While Streaming Minecraft

Recently, xQc was streaming Minecraft when he looked up to see a man standing outside of his window.

Despite leaving Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel, Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel is still popping up in the news.

The pro-gamer was recently banned from Twitch after watching pornographic material deemed "Safe for Work" on the streaming service. And, now that he's back, someone has managed to send him into a state of fright whilst on stream.

xQc was streaming Minecraft when he looked up to see a man standing outside of his window. Viewers of the stream could have seen the shadow of what looked like a squeegee.

A visibly rattled xQc got up and shouted "what the f**k," before bolting out of his room to look for his housemate and fellow streamer "adeptthebest." Having returned without her, he rang her up after being asked if someone was cleaning his windows. "I don’t think we’ve had anybody like wash the f**king windows, dude," he responded.

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Given how dirty xQc's been known to keep a bedroom, you could imagine that bugs would want to get in there. Now that he's living with a girl, things could be very different - but, hey, old habits die hard, right?

Fortunately, this turned out to be a laugh but we can't blame xQc for being apprehensive while on stream. Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha was recently swatted while streaming this week and it happens often enough for streamers to be wary.

As it turns out, the Fortnite pro was able to sort things out with the officers quickly as he was familiar with one of them. However, it could have easily gone the other way absent that fact.

There have been instances in which people were seriously hurt - and in one particular case even killed - during swatting incidents. Also, given that streamers have become the subject of threats and other similar acts due to their popularity, xQc was well within his rights to panic.

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