New Yakuza Game To Be Revealed At Press Conference In Late August

Yakuza 7

A new mainline Yakuza game is set to be revealed at a press conference in Japan later in August.

Yakuza fans can continue to revel in Sega's attention to the popular franchise, which has received many installments in recent years. It seems as though Sega will continue to give attention to the series, as indicated by the expected announcement of Yakuza 7 later in August.

The news comes from Yakuza developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, which tweeted out that they would be making an announcement about the next game in a press conference at the UDX Theatre in Akihabara, located in Tokyo, Japan. The press conference is scheduled for August 29th, so all interested should mark their calendars for the big reveal.

In addition, Ryu Ga Gotoku plans to invite 15 people to attend the press conference live. Those 15 folks will be selected by a raffle, can be entered by Japanese locals by filling out a form on Sega's Japanese website. Applications close on Sunday, August 4th.

While the raffle isn't open to international travelers, the Studio's Twitter account will continue to present live updates regarding the upcoming Yakuza announcement.

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Yakuza is one of those strange titles that started off as a niche game, then grew into a cult favorite before finally blossoming into one of PlayStation’s most notable exclusive titles (although Sega has since remastered and released older Yakuza games on PC). The series now spans 7 mainline games and 8-spinoff titles including a Yakuza in the Edo period in Japan, a Yakuza set during the zombie apocalypse, a Fist of the North Star crossover with Yakuza, and even a mobile MMO.

Yakuza 7 (which is actually the eighth game in the main series) will feature a brand new protagonist named Kasuga Ichiban who was introduced in Yakuza Online. Much like the previous protagonist, Ichiban goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and, upon his release, gets back into the Yakuza to find the world has changed in his absence.

There is still no word on just what exactly will cover the finer points of the plot. However, come late August, Yakuza fans may have a better idea of what to expect.

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