30 Yikes Things From Disney Classics You Didn’t Understand Because You Were Too Young

Kids movies are always trying to sneak the darkest things they can in. For example, remember how Verruca wanted to know what a snozberry was in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? You really don’t want to know. Or how about in The Brave Little Toaster there was a very unsavory PC. The computer was talking to a computer mouse, saying “Ooh!” and “That feels sorta good!” He even said, “My memory banks are being stroked.”

It ended with a, “I feel something happening inside of me, and I can’t keep it to myself any longer,” followed by an explosion of white paper shooting out of his body. Of course, we’re far too naïve to know what any of that meant, right? You may think that Paramount etc. have lower standards than Disney. But that isn’t the case. Disney is full of grown up innuendo and jokes that you really will have wished you could delete from your memory after hearing them.

It’s not always creepy though. Sometimes, it’s simply incredibly dark. Too dark for parents, let alone their children. The only thing that saved us when we were young was our innocence. We’re not just talking about Anna’s “foot size doesn’t matter” slip. We’re going deeper than that. Ones you probably didn’t even notice when you were a teen. Before you, you have (beware) 30 little things in Disney movies you didn’t notice when you were younger! Hopefully, the knowledge doesn’t ruin your childhood. If so, you were indeed warned.

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30 Cause Getting Crushed By A Trash Compactor Is Legit

Via: throwbacks.com

Remember that time when Sully thought Boo got crushed by the trash compactor? If you are young enough to be a kid when that movie came out, then you also thought she could have gotten crushed by the compactor. How messed up is that? What were they thinking? It’s not healthy for a kid to imagine for even one second that a toddler could get crushed by anything, let alone something that cubifies them. And especially not something that would crack skulls and obliterate bones.

Violence in Disney movies is mandatory at times, but keep it G-rated. Because this scene is not G-Rated. Much of the movie sneaks in adult themes, but I’d say this is the worst because it’s something kids actually would understand if they thought about it. Good thing most of them knew that Boo was safe the whole time.

29 Glue Factory Darkness At Its Finest

Via: Listal.com

There was once a British film called Escape from the Dark, which is a pretty, well…dark name anyway. It came out on May 26, 1976, but didn’t make it to the United States until March 11, 1977. At which point its name was changed to The Littlest Horse Thieves and it was added as a double feature (double bill) with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This move taught kids what a “pit pony” was in the harshest way.

It’s 1909 and three children learn that coal mines have used horses for hard labor for years! When new machinery is released to make the horses no longer needed, they’re ecstatic. That is…until they learn that this means the horses are to be slaughtered. The movie follows them as they try to steal the horses before they are massacred brutally. Great movie for kids, right Disney? At least only a fraction of what went on was in a kids grasp of understanding.

28 Ladies Of The Arabian Night

Via: Wikia.com

You probably already know that the hook toy with Barbie legs in Toy Story is actually Sid’s way of creating a night worker. That was really sneaky, but it gets worse. Remember those pretty girls in all of the sheer clothes in Aladdin? They are officially known to Disney as the Harem Girls. Excuse me! Harem? Yep, that’s pretty straightforward. It could be wives, concubines, or even just servants. All three who would be forced into “service” of a man like Prince Ali. They work at a massage parlor but we know they do more than massages.

They are beautiful and stereotypical. But you know what really gave them away? The fact that they loved Prince Ali but didn’t like Aladdin after they found out he was poor. Because he couldn’t afford them!

27 Hercules Makes A Dark Reference

Via: Disney.com

Hercules is speaking to Meg about this and that when he mentions a play he’s seen. The play about Oedipus, who he says, “has problems. Now, Greek mythology quiz! Who is Oedipus? In short, Oedipus was a Greek king of Thebes who ended his own father. His dad had it coming because there was a prophecy that said disaster would come to his family through him. To stop this, his dad left him to die on a mountain after he was born. The baby was then raised by shepherds and when he grew up, he killed his father, unaware of who he was. He also ended up marrying his own mother since he didn’t know who she was, and she didn’t know who he was. When they found out what happened, she ended herself. Feeling incredibly dirty, using pins from her dress, Oedipus attacked his own eyes, blinding him for all eternity.

What a reference for a G-Rated movie!

26 Noose Shadows Are Not For Kids

Via: Disneyexaminer.com

The whole Clayton vs. Tarzan scene near the end of Tarzan is all very spine-tingling and intense. One of the most intense in any Disney movie. Death scenes are to be dealt with carefully in any Disney movie and I feel this one went a little too far. The fight was scary, but the aftermath was even worse. We see Clayton’s shadow hanging from the vines. He hung himself unintentionally. Tarzan’s remorse is evident on his face, but nothing’s worse than that shadow.

Are they really allowed to show a dead man on a Disney movie? I’d guess not, and yet they did. Perhaps many kids wouldn’t notice this little mess up, but in adulthood, they will and they will think, “man! I can’t believe I witnessed a hanging!”

25 What’s With It With The Messed Up Jessicas?

Via: Smosh.com

Here’s the thing, Jessica Rabbit was an inappropriate character in general. But her absolute worst scene wasn’t when she was all flirty or full of suggestiveness. Nope, it was when she quite possibly showed the camera too much. This was animated, which means anything that happened was 100% on purpose. Quite inappropriate for a Disney movie. Yeah, it’s a Buena Vista film that Disney released through Touchstone initially. Not your standard Disney, but one of the most adult.

The scene was never confirmed to be intentional, but controversy over the rating was. People thought that a brief tag should be added to the movie but that would have bumped it up to PG-13, something Disney never wants to do. So they left it and hoped no one would notice…well, we do.

24 Dumbo’s Messed Up Stupor

Via: YouTube.com

Look out! Look out! Pink elephants! Pink elephants on parade! This scene in Dumbo always creeped me out and now I know why. How many knew that “seeing pink elephants” is a euphemism for a hallucination caused by having too much? That’s pretty dark and way too adult. On the same note, seeing a “snake in your boot” is another one of those euphemisms. Sound familiar, Woody?

This wasn’t a coincidence on either occasion. It seems like back in the day, kids drinking was something that was readily allowed on TV. It wasn’t glorified, but the references are insane! The idea of “pink elephants” being the go-to hallucination was truly popularized in 1909. Guess there were too many reports of drunks seeing pink elephants which oddly enough exist! Albinos can easily be born pink. The more you know!

23 Groupies Who Will Stop At Nothing

Via: YouTube.com

It’s a known fact that stars can pretty much get away with anything they want. Women throw themselves at celebrities, even racecar drivers. This reference is shown in Cars when two twins named Mia and Tia reveal themselves to Lightning McQueen. They are his biggest fans, and to prove this, they “flash” their headlights at him while lifting their bumper up.

What’s worse is that their flashers have “95” written on them. As a human, this is equivalent to having painted, or even tattooed yourself to support your favorite athlete. The reference isn’t one that’s easy to catch for kids, but it’s 100% obvious when you’re an adult watching the movie. Twins with tattooed breasts, flashing their fave number 95! Wear your colors, show your pride.

22 Let Me Be Good To You

Via: Wikia.com

Remember that tease in The Great Mouse Detective? Yeah, that white cabaret mouse actually did a striptease while singing, “Let Me Be Good To You.” Seems totally appropriate! The song has phrases like, “Tonight's the night. Boys, what you're hopin' for will come true. Let me be good to you,” which seems totally chill for a kids movie. It gets worse when she spouts off, “I'll take off all my blues. Hey, fellas. There's nothin' I won't do. Just for you.”

The singer's name is Miss Kitty and boy was she good…for a mouse. Though her lines make us think she’s much more than a singer. Because taking off that blue clothes and having no lines drawn makes it seem like she’s a night worker. Or maybe she just likes singing creepy songs.

21 What’s An Ascot?

Via: YouTube.com

An ascot is actually just one of those little handkerchiefs that fancy men wear. However, when Barbie tells Ken he has a nice “ascot” it doesn’t look like she’s talking about his necktie. Rather something down below. Don’t get too dirty, we’re referring to that behind. It is nice, after all, he’s plastic. When she tells Ken that he has a nice one, she emphasizes the first syllable of the word.

Here’s the catch. Barbie is a fashion genius, so you’d think she’d know what an ascot is. As a necktie expert said, “Unfolded ascots are wide at both ends. Imagine the wide end of the tie x 2, with a little skinny section in the middle. Ken’s neckwear appears to be much skinnier. One end seems to be a little wide, but nowhere near the shape of an ascot. Heck, it almost looks like an oddly shaped bow tie. Most ascots are folded in front. Like Ken, men wear ascots under their collar.”

Meaning, he was not wearing an ascot, so she really was checking him out.

20 Pleasure Island?

Via: Wikia.com

Let’s face it. The whole idea of a place called “Pleasure Island” is full of insinuations. It sounds like a grown up house of night workers. Which they actually had back in Pinocchio’s day. But of course, Disney didn’t do that on purpose. So let’s see what they did do. Did somebody say child trafficking? They made a place where little boys are meant to go to do nothing but sin. Nearly every one of the works of the flesh as well as the seven deadly sins occur here. Lampwick was a freakin’ jerk, and he was the kind of kid that belonged there.

Anyway, this island was meant to lure in kids and make them succumb to darkness before they got so out of hand that they made literal jackasses of themselves. Literally! When this happened, they were stripped and sent to work in coal mines as donkey slaves for all eternity…or until they died. Perfectly suitable for kids of all ages! Good thing we didn't catch the child labor reference.

19 Pinocchio Was Incorrigible

Via: Chipandco.com

Here we go again! Pinocchio was actually a complete brat! The actual theme of Pinocchio was pretty dark. A wooden boy who had his lies shown on his face. Who dreamt of becoming a human, blood running through his veins and flesh mushing into existence. That alone is creepy. But the heaviness of being a “good boy” and being “brave, truthful and unselfish” is a lot of pressure for a kid. It’s a good message, but told in a dark way. We talked about Pleasure Island, but even before that, he was a delinquent.

Monstro and Strombolli were horrendously scary, but Pinocchio was even worse for kids to see. He literally smoked as a new born on the Island, but he was also a lying, backtalking, conscience-free wooden boy. Have you ever even heard how dark the original story is? You don’t want to. He’s evil!

18 What Did She Say Was Flexible?

Via: Deadshirt.com

Remember that scene in The Incredibles where Mrs. Incredible tells her husband that he need to be more flexible in a very suggestive way? What of his needs to be more flexible and what does she mean? They already showed her slap his behind in the movie without even trying to hide it, now this? The two are passionate and playful lovers obviously, but do we need to show kids that? This is the worst when you’re going through puberty trying to figure everything out and then you get this imagery of a strongman and a flexible woman you know…eek!

The whole movie has tiny suggestive comments, but this one is the most obvious considering how intimate they are acting at the time. Just what my twelve-year-old self-needed.

17 The Pre-Pirates Darkness

Via: Thefilmexperience.com

What can I say about the first animated Disney film to be rated PG? It was so dark and intense that it had to be edited before it could be considered a kid’s movie. And get this, before it could be rated PG. The ratings before it reached DVD were PG-13 or possible R. That’s how bad it was. Dealings with darkness were not taken lightly at the time. An entire 12 minutes is now extinct. What exactly was in it we’ll never know.

The movie was created to get teens (esp D&D lovin’ ones) to feel comfortable watching Disney movies again. Disney risked everything to do this, and they did succeed. I don’t know a teen to this day that doesn’t like it, no matter how dark. But it is a teen movie, not a kids movie. Thank God the entire theme was too advanced for young viewers.

16 What Do They Mean by Oysters?

Via: Animationcollection.com

Can we just skip the part where we talk about how many words the undercity has turned dirty? Like you know…oysters. The Walrus and the Carpenter were despicable creatures. As kids, we saw a scary duo who eats baby oysters in adorable bonnets. What do we see as adults? A creepy guy who eats children (or worse…oysters) without a second thought. After he lures them in as if he will care for them and then he eats them all while we watch.

This is one of the most inappropriate characters in any Disney movie ever. No kid should ever be exposed to the eating of live oysters with cute little faces full of fear after realizing the truth. Let alone the entire picture as they get older.

15 Passing The Peace Pipe

Via: Pinterest.com

So, it turns out all three children, the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, and Tiger Lily have all smoked weed. Or…maybe something even worse. The point is that the kids “passed the peace pipe” in Peter Pan. How is that okay in a G-Rated movie? How is Peter Pan okay? Kidnapping adult in a child’s body, a child ending pirates, a land full of orphans, and overly loving mermaids?

There are so many underlying theories that could be true. Like the kids die and Peter is an angel taking them to Heaven…or maybe someplace more insidious. But those are unconfirmed. What is 100% true is that the kids share a pipe. What they’re having we don’t know, but it’s both racist and far too adult for a Disney movie.

14 Gassing Lairs, Rabies, And Euthanasia Substitutes?

Via: TVTropes.com

Imagine the Fox and the Hound retold, only all of the characters are human. That probably sent chills down your spine, and it should. Since we all know the story of the two different friends kept apart by narrow-minded, mean-hearted old men, let’s talk about the original Fox and the Hound. Much of the book is fairly similar to the movie. Not really! The hound is actually a fox-attacking demon!

When he find’s Todd’s lair, his master gases it and ends the vixen and her babies. Oh yeah, then a hound gets rabies, bites a child, and the child dies. Todd gets away though and ends up dying from exhaustion. Don’t worry, Copper gets his when he happily goes home only to be blasted in the face by his master after contracting rabies. The end.

13 If She Doesn’t Scare You, No One Will

Via: Granitegrok.com

Can we just talk about how scary Cruella De Vil is? She runs a puppy mill where she steals thousands of puppies in order to sell their fur. Imagine this happening in real life if you will. The live action movie didn’t do it justice because it wasn’t near as scary as this would be in real life. PETA really does wage war on those who wear real fur, but it’s nothing compared to this movie.

Every scene involving Cruella is freaky, but the worst is when we see her chasing the van of puppies when she realizes someone took them from her. Her face is crazy! But what do you expect from someone whose name is meant to mean Cruel Devil?

12 Ursula’s Garden

Via: Wikia.com

That’s actually what it’s called, yes. This is tied with Hades pool of souls as far as having the ability to scar children. Each soul in her garden was once a merperson who came to her for help. This led to their demise and their eternity of serving her in her lair. They practically sold their soul to the devil. They are literally known for laying on the ocean floor and crying in agony. That means they are in constant pain.

Ursula’s plan is to turn Ariel into one of these creatures known as Polyps. Polyps are “damned merpeople forced into a life of service and pure agony.” This might be the darkest place in any Disney movie, and not one you’d even notice when you were a kid past the initial, “ew, those things are creepy!”

11 Quasimodo’s Unfortunate Life

Via: Wikia.com

The entirety of The Hunchback of Notre Dame should have been an adult movie. To make this less depressing, let’s discuss the original Hunchback tale. The original ending shows Frollo framing Esmerelda, watching her public attack, Quasimodo endineg him for it, and Quasimodo refusing to leave Esmerelda’s grave, starving to death in the process. Nice.

Now about the Disney movie. It’s nothing compared to that, but it does mention assault, dark magic, and lust. After all, Esmerelda is forced into life as a Gypsy. Not to mention Quasimodo has food thrown at him simply because he’s disfigured. That’s rutheless for a kid who understands! But most don’t. Neither will you understand the lyrics to Hellfire which speaks of Frollo’s burning desire for Esmerelda. Ew. Religious hypocritical fanatics at their worst.

10 Floppy Linguini Noodles

Via: YouTube.com

Linguini, spaghetti and meatballs, maybe penne. Whatever you want to call it is up to you. Little friend jokes are plentiful in Disney movies, and I think Ratatouille did a great job of making it soar right over kids’ heads. This scene happens when Linguini is trying to confess to Colette that Remy is the one doing the cooking. Remy, of course, stops him but not before he starts saying, “I have this tiny, little, little…”

When Colette heard him say tiny, she glanced down at his beltline (more or less) very suggestively. Guess she’s used to men hitting on her or confessing their size to her because she seemed grossed out but not surprised by his words. Thankfully he was talking about a rat.

9 Baby Herman’s A Creeper

Via: Dvdmedia.com

Baby Herman is probably the most inappropriate characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Yes, even more so than Jessica Rabbit. Long before the middle-aged mentality Boss Baby came around, there was Baby Herman. He’s a mafia boss with a big, dirty mouth. But his worst (or best) scene is when he walks under a woman’s skirt and sneaks a peek at her under there. In the unedited version, he even gives her (or at least her privates) the middle finger. But they edited that out, so he just holds his fist up.

Other than that, he’s always having cigars. C, in general,neral are not for kids’ movies. But babies smoking them is even worse! He even pops a balloon with one and when a woman screams he says, “What’s the matter, toots? Afraid of a little bang?”

8 Hotter Than Chicken Wings

Via: Wikia.com

The name of this truckstop is enough to red flag it. It’s called Top Down Truckstop. It’s a place where all the waitresses are convertibles who serve with their tops down. The intent is confirmed when Mack begs to go there but McQueen (who is falling for Sally) refuses, saying they need to get to California fast. There’s even a deleted scene that takes place at the Top Down Truckstop, but we don’t get to see it. Mack might just be a creepy old man though.

This is definitely similar to a certain famous chicken wing establishment these days only the waitresses are completely on display. Only dirty old men go there…like Mack. Why aren’t there groups of cars out front with picket signs anyway?

7 Genie Humor Gets Ya Every Time

Via: Wikia.com

Obviously, Robin Williams playing a genie just spells trouble. He did an amazing job and it was one of his best roles ever…like ever! Thinking about it makes us want to cry! But we’re not here for that. We’re here to talk about his adult humor. The most memorable innuendo he makes is when they are at Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding and Jafar attacks, shaking the entire kingdom.

Genie thought this was a good time to pull a fast one with, “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon.” Obviously, it was funny and far too above the heads of little ones to matter. It wasn’t exactly dirty, but it was an adult reference. I mean, pure consummation. How adult can you get? I totally didn’t get the reference when I was little.

6 Disney’s Darkest Hour

Via: Denofgeek.com

You might not remember this movie called The Black Hole, and that’s probably for the best interest of everyone. This was the first Disney or even “kids” movie to be rated PG. That trumps The Black Cauldron that was released a decade later. This futuristic live-action space movie seems harmless, but the whole story is far from it.

The first freaky thing that happens is a human merges with a robot, creating an ultimate supervillain. A robot that eventually is sent to hell. Like fire and brimstone, biblical stuff. This is paired with a bunch of frightening and intense scenes where humans are almost shredded, slashed, and obliterated. In first person! In the end, the characters fly toward a big, bright star that theorists believe is supposed to be heaven.

5 LF Bear Who Loves The Beach

Via: Pinterest.com

This one probably didn’t happen when you were a kid, but you probably also didn’t catch it. Sorry to break it to you now! Inside Out was a wonderful movie! In this scene, Fear sees/hears something that frightens him. He shows this by asking, “What was that? A bear??”

Disgust rolls her eyes and answers, “There aren't any bears in San Francisco.” This is enough to let you know what they’re talking about if you know the reference at all. But what anger says confirms it 100%. “I saw a guy with a hairy back, does that count?” he quips. For those who are still behind, you’ll find out if you’ve ever been on Grindr that a bear is a hairy gay man.

4 A Party That’s An Acquired Taste

Via: Wattpad.com

I’d ask anyone who wants to keep their minds fresh and clean to leave the building. In Cars 2, there’s a group of male cars who are known as lemons. At one point, they decide to throw a lemon party, because they throw a party, and they are lemons, so of course that’s what it’s called. If you don’t know what a lemon party is, I beg you to not look it up. Unless you’re into old men and disgusting favors. Because that’s what you’re going to get.

That’s all good and fine, but how in the world could Cars 2, a Disney movie, actually nod to such a thing? This is one of the most inappropriate things I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I didn’t catch it when I watched Cars 2.

3 Do You Love This Dog? BAM!

Via: Wikia.com

Can we just say that Old Yeller made every kid ever cry? I know kids who were actually traumatized by it. Imagine taking the main character of any movie and killing them. Not just killing them, but having the one person that loves them more than anything, life itself, and having them shoot the character to put him out of his own misery. Sorry for the spoilers, but shame on you if you’ve never seen Old Yeller.

I pray that no kid actually understood what happened in the movie, because it’s too much for an adult. We hear the gunshot and the absence of the dog, but are spared of the actual act. Many kids won’t catch that his owner, a young boy, ended him. I was told that he has rabies and died from that, after all.

2 Racism Galore

Via: Wikia.com

Pretty much every pre-2000 Disney movie is incredibly racist. The most obvious of these is Peter Pan who stereotypes Native Americans as being Kool-Aid red idiots who can only say “hao” and smokes pipes around the fire. The whole song is out of its mind! But it isn’t the only one. Let’s not forget about the little black shoe-shining centaur in Fantasia. Then we have the 1800s crows from Dumbo whose leader’s name is Jim Crow (look it up). Some even say the entire Song of the South movie is 100% offensive.

What about dogs though? Like the Siamese twins who are far too uppity or the Mexican chihuahua in Lady and the Tramp (or even Oliver and Company). The list doesn’t in. At least as kids we never noticed, but I bet we subconsciously picked it up and it is indeed the reason for some of the racism today.

1 Not That Kind Of Van

Via: Blackrock3.deviantart.com

In case you’re not familiar with the whole “free candy” thing, it’s synonymous to “get in the van, kids, we got puppies.” Or as Know Your Meme states, “Humorous images depicting creepy vans with the wild suggestions

have spread through online forums and image macros. The most common image shows a dark red van that has the words “free candy” painted across the side.”

Indeed, Cars put a creepy kid-thieving fan in the ad for their movie! How low can you go? We are so glad that this van didn’t make it into the movie because if he did, there’s no telling what his lines would be.

Okay, okay, you got us! This was just a nicely photoshopped image by BlackRock3 on Deviant Art. You wouldn’t believe how many people fall for this though! Hmmm…how many other internet secrets have we thought were real?

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