Bethesda Fixing Account Login Issue For Doom Players On Switch

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Doom is such a retro title that those who were playing it at its inception are now adults and have taken on many more responsibilities, but for those wanting to re-experience the originals that started it all, access to the game had been locked for those without a Bethesda.net account. However, Bethesda is now fixing the issue.

Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One yesterday as part of the celebrations for QuakeCon 2019. Doom and Doom II are also available on Android and iOS devices.

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The fans who purchased the games quickly ran into an issue, as it turns out that a Bethesda.net account was required to play the games. The player needed to be able to log into their Bethesda.net account before they will be allowed to play the game that they have just purchased.

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Initially, if the player did not own a Bethesda.net account for one reason or another, then they couldn't play the game that they had just purchased while connected to the Internet. It was possible to play the games without Internet access, but players could only do so on an account that has logged in with a Bethesda.net login in the past.

Bethesda has now tweeted out its response to the issue, claiming it was a bug of some kind. Bethesda said it was fixing the issue, tweeting the following:

It is good to see that Bethesda is fixing the issue now, as what had made the issue more puzzling is that there are no online modes. Doom and Doom II have four-player local co-op/deathmatch modes, while Doom 3 has no online component at all. There was seemingly no reason why such a retro set of games from one of Bethesda's most adored properties would have had such an annoying requirement for players of the titles to begin with. Thus, Bethesda's update claiming that this was merely a glitch sheds some much-needed light on the situation. As such, Doom players on Switch may look forward to a fix at some point in the future.

Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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