Young Streamer Has Raised $13k On Twitch For His Dad's Cancer

ZylTV, a young Twitch streamer, has been streaming every day for 10 hours a day to raise money for his father's medical treatment. According to Zyl, his father has been diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer and needs the money for his medication.

ZylTV, a 13 year old Canadian streamer, has raised $13,000 Canadian, about $10,000 in US dollars, by streaming Fortnite for the past 5 days with the stream title "Raising money for my father come join :)." Hi earnings were modest at first, bringing in around $1000 the first 4 days. Today, a post about Zyl reached over 21k upvotes on Reddit, and Redditors flooded the stream with donations and positive wishes.

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The streamer had this to say about his father:

My father was diagnosed with stage 3 rectum cancer on Septemer 14, 2018. His cancer spread to his lungs and liver which brought him to stage 4 cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. These are the circumstances that the doctors gave him: No chemo 1 year death, 3 years chemo 20% live. Please !donate anything you possibly can. All money will go towards funding his medication. Much love from me and all of my family members

In the clip below. ZylTV's dad addressed the stream, detailing some of the challenges he has been dealing with. He explains that sometimes he needs to lay down for multiple days, and that the experience has been very hard. He thanks the stream for everything who has donated, and his son for setting up the stream.

ZylTV's chat bot explains how the money will be used: " $5000 will go immediately to pay for his fathers care. $3000 will be put into an 'in case of emergency' fund. Anything leftover will be put towards improving the stream." Now that he has been donated the money his father needs for treatment, Zyl says he is planning to use some of the money to upgrade his computer.

Money continues to pour in now as the story spreads across Reddit and Twitch. While writing this article, Zyl crossed 10k subs as he was raided by another Fortnite streamer, thatdenverguy. That outpouring of support for Zyl and his family has been truly heartwarming, it is always a wonderful sight when the internet comes together to do something good and help our fellow gamer. Now if only everyone would show the same solidarity and pay for Boogie's Tesla...

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