20 Of Your Favorite 90s Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Girls

With all the crazy (and awesome) fan art out there, it’s become popular for fans to imagine their favorite cartoon characters as different genders. It’s a fun way to take a character and give them a completely new look without straying too far from the character.

This trend, similar to fanart in general, is actually a pretty good exercise for artists. They already have a model to start with and it’s just a matter of changing around certain features of the characters, so it’s a bit like drawing with training wheels. Genderbending also gets artist to study and understand female and male biology and anatomy, which is pretty crucial in drawing people. It’s great practice and it creates something unique while still having some familiarity with it.

I think this concept is pretty cool, especially since it shows us that one’s gender doesn’t necessarily define their personality or skills. A brilliant scientist, a strong warrior, or a ruthless villain could be either gender. It’s a unique way of looking at and reimagining characters. And it makes these characters look pretty awesome, so no complaints here.

So, we’re going to take a look at cartoon character genderbending, specifically cartoons in the 90s. This was during a time period where gender roles were starting to become more fluid, but still had some constraints. As a result, a lot of these genderbent characters would likely be seen as going against the grain. So here are 20 characters from 90s cartoons that have been reimagined as girls!

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20 Whoa Mama!

Via: alvrexADPot.deviantart.com, buzzfeed.com (Walters)

I don’t know if we loved Johnny Bravo, or if we were just fondly exasperated by him. He was the definition of the self-absorbed jerk that most women can’t stand, and yet we can’t help but be amused by him (the fact that every girl he hits on usually beats him up probably helps). Johnny is quite the definition of a macho man with his big muscles. So, what would he be like as a girl?

I actually like the idea of girl Johnny retaining her confident, slightly self-absorbed personality. It would also be kind of fun to see her act more macho than you would expect. What would make it even more interesting was if girl Johnny continued to hit on girls. I wonder what their reactions would be then? But girl Johnny looks pretty awesome! I could see her totally in her element at a club or something.

19 This Lady Hedgehog Is Fast!

Via: shouten26.deviantart.com, sonadow-lovers-4.deviantart.com

Even if you’ve never played the games or watched the cartoons, you would still recognize the famous blue speedy hedgehog. Sonic is a really fun character; he’s snarky, brave, loyal, and pretty calm under pressure. He’s also a bit arrogant, but it’s forgivable since his heart’s in the right place. And it’s really fun to see how he runs circles around Dr. Eggman (often literally) in the cartoons.

Would anything change if Sonic was a girl? Most likely not. She would still be a really fast, brave, and sassy blue hedgehog. And she would totally still kick Dr. Eggman’s butt (although that’s not exactly hard since the guy is not a competent villain). I do think Sonic does make a pretty cute girl hedgehog, and she would be an awesome speedster. You go, girl Sonic!

18 Am I A Pretty Girl?

Via: miifighter101.deviantart.com, skiepii.deviantart.com

I’m still not sure how SpongeBob SquarePants got as popular as it did, but I guess a lot of people liked the burger flipping sponge that lived at the bottom of the ocean. The humor in this show could range from very stupid and bizarre to surprisingly clever. SpongeBob’s antics with his friends did create a lot of laughs.

There isn’t a lot of art that reimagines SpongeBob as a girl, but there’s a surprising amount of art that portrays what he would look like as a human girl. Yep, humanizing non-human characters in art is pretty popular and SpongeBob gets this treatment quite a bit. I have to admit that female human SpongeBob is pretty cute and charming. I wonder if she would still have that annoying laugh, though...

17 The Things She Does For Love

Via; lilpeacemaker.deviantart.com, ekgthe1st.deviantart.com

The Show, Courage the Cowardly Dog was definitely a strange one, full of crazy creatures and fascinating animation. And the main character, Courage, was fun to watch as he freaked out but then stepped up to save his family from the monster of the week. The animation on him was also pretty fun as he reacted to the new supernatural threats. So, what would it be like if Courage was a girl?

To be honest, I don’t think much would change. I think fans forgot half the time whether Courage was a boy or a girl since he was just a little dog. His gender didn’t really play much into the scenarios that happened. But I do like these artists’ interpretations of a female Courage, both dog, and human. That bow is just adorable!

16 This Female Scientist Is Way Cooler Than You

Via: riafire.deviantart.com

Dexter’s Laboratory is a pretty unique show, and it has a rather interesting, if somewhat strange, premise. I mean, it’s a show about a young boy genius who has a giant secret lab in his house. And it leads to all sorts of fun scenarios with him interacting with his experiments, the world, and his sister Dee Dee.

So, would anything change if Dexter was a girl? Maybe her parents would push her to be more girly (they seem like they would since they often pushed Dexter to act more like a normal boy) and female Dexter probably wouldn’t care. Plus, we can all use more girl geniuses and female scientists in the cartoon world. And It would be pretty fun to see just what female Dexter would be like and how she would interact with others.

15 Let’s Get Dangerous!

Via: cangomi.deviantart.com, kimbawest.deviantart.com

I think the best way to describe Darkwing Duck would be a superhero comic combined with Ducktales. (The two worlds do supposedly take place in the same universe, since Launchpad from Ducktales is also in Darkwing Duck.) This guy is pretty much the duck version of Batman, and it’s awesome. And I love the fact that his alter ego, Drake Mallard, is a pretty ordinary suburban dad who loves his daughter and does his best to protect her.

I think a female Darkwing Duck would be awesome! I could see her kicking evil butt, being incredibly tough, and still being an amazing mom. It would be interesting to see if her dynamic with Gosalyn, her adopted daughter, would change, or if things would stay the same. Gosalyn is pretty headstrong, so I think female Drake Mallard would still struggle with her a bit.

14 This Gang Looks A Little Different

Via: luthien-black.deviantart.com

Doug is an interesting series that details somewhat ordinary, yet relevant struggles that kids have in their lives. The show itself is fairly mellow, but the interesting and rather unique characters are what give it life. I also like the different character designs, especially how some characters are unique colors like purple or green. Doug himself is a rather interesting, being very quiet and wanting to not stand out, but still doing so through his imagination and strong sense of morality.

So, would a female Doug be any different? I don’t think so. She'd be this rather shy, yet kind character who also isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I also like that this artist took several Doug characters and switched genders around. It’s fun to see what they could look like, and I think female Doug is very cute!

13 This Lady Superhero Could Crush You

Via: pinterest.com, jenxcomics28.deviantart.com

The Tick is pretty much a cartoon that parodies every superhero trope ever, while still creating interesting and unique characters and fun scenarios. It’s a show that you shouldn’t take seriously at all, but you can still enjoy. The main character, the Tick, is a pretty fun character since he’s a stereotype of every macho superhero ever.

So, what would he be like as a girl? Well, according to this artist, female Tick would still be incredibly muscled, which I could see. (Most superheroes have to be pretty fit anyway, and I could imagine that this superhero would want to be ripped, no matter their gender.) I also think she would be just as corny as her male counterpart. A female Tick would be pretty fun to watch, just to see her dynamics with the other superheroes.

12 No Laughing Matter

Via: c3ntric.deviantart.com, plutos-eye.deviantart.com

The Joker is likely one of Batman’s most iconic villains. He’s this strange combination of being both hilarious and completely terrifying. You never really know whether to laugh at him or just run away screaming from him. He loves to play mental games with Batman and is constantly pushing the Dark Knight to go against his own morals. This guy knows just how to torture people both physically and mentally.

Now, what if the Joker was a psychotic lady? Honestly, she would probably be just as terrifying. Her origin story might be a little different, but I think she would still love making people go crazy and bringing on the chaos. In the Flashpoint Universe, the Joker is actually a woman, so a female Joker could totally happen.

11 The Ghost With The Most

Via: nerdlunch.blogspot.com

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is a pretty entertaining show filled with strange characters, bizarre humor, funny celebrity cameos, and just weirdness all around. It’s pretty much a satire of a talk show with a superhero as a host. Space Ghost has actually been around for a long time in comics and has had quite a few adventures. He even had his own cartoon series in the 1960s!

So, what would Space Ghost be like as a girl? Probably not that much different. She’d probably still get annoyed at the shenanigans her enemies would get up to, and she would still do her best to keep the talk show running despite the craziness. I would like to see a female superhero host her own talk show. That would be pretty awesome!

10 She Will Always Protect The Environment

Via: ednardo666.deviantart.com, nightwing1975.deviantart.com

As far as pro-environment shows go, Captain Planet isn’t exactly subtle. (It makes Fern Gully look pretty mild in comparison.) The story revolves around kids who, with the help of Captain Planet, save the earth from various environmental dangerous villains, such as pollution. Captain Planet’s design as a superhero is pretty cool, I have to admit. So, what would Captain Planet be like as a girl?

I don’t think much would change. Female Captain Planet would still be passionate about protecting the environment and saving the earth. And she would still be wanting to educate kids on the importance of being environmentally conscious. Probably the only difference would be her looks. I do like this design of her, though. I think she looks awesome!

9 They’d Still Probably Think You Suck

Via: redbubble.com

Beavis & Butthead is a very interesting show, to say the least. The animation style is an almost ugly style, which is kind of what it was going for. The two main characters are kind of the epitome of a 90s socially incompetent, delinquent teenager. The two are pretty much indifferent to everything and only care about heavy metal. (Of course, what do you expect with names like Beavis and Butthead?)

Would these two be any different as girls? I honestly don’t know. They’d probably still be into heavy metal, and they’d probably still be social outcasts. Actually, they’d probably be a bit like Daria, but not as intelligent. Maybe they wouldn’t be quite as mean-spirited, or maybe they would be even more indifferent to the world. It’s hard to say.

8 A Bald And Beautiful Villain

Via: mick347.deviantart.com

Lex Luthor is to Superman as what Joker is to Batman. He’s Superman’s greatest enemy, which is very impressive since the guy has virtually no powers and simply beats Superman through outsmarting him. This guy is surprisingly intimidating, mainly because he gets power through manipulation and public favor. Luthor is someone that you could easily overlook, but then regret doing so later.

So, what would a female Luthor be like? I personally think she would be awesome and just as dangerous. She would probably even play up the manipulation more. She would definitely take advantage of the fact that people would underestimate her. I think she would be even sneakier than her male counterpart. I also love the idea of female Lex Luthor being bald, too.

7 It’s the Warner... Sisters?

Via: ecchicakes16.deviantart.com

Animaniacs really helped redefine cartoons in the 90s, with its humor that appeals to both kids and adults. The show was a lot of fun and surprisingly smart too, often joking about current celebrities and events. And in the center of it all are the Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. They refer to themselves as the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister. But what would happen if the Warner Brothers were also the Warner Sisters?

Well, the joke their names make wouldn’t work anymore, but that’s beside the point. A female Yakko and Wakko would be pretty fun. Though female Yakko likely wouldn’t be as girl crazy (but you never know). I think female Wakko would still be obsessed with food because she wouldn’t be Wakko otherwise. I’m surprised they didn’t do an episode where their genders were swapped.

6 An Attractive Personality

Via: agarthanguide.tumblr.com, cahnartist.deviantart.com

Magneto is an interesting villain, especially since his backstory makes him a pretty sympathetic character. His hatred of humans is understandable, and you can tell that he’s also just fighting for mutant rights because he’s one of those mutants who has been broken by human prejudice. He just tends to get excessively violent about it, which is why he and Charles Xavier are usually at odds with each other.

So, what if Magneto was a woman? Would anything change? Honestly, I don’t think so. I think she would still have this deep hatred of humans based on what happened to her, and she would still want to fight in a war against humans. Female Magneto would maybe be even less open to peace and negotiations than her male counterpart. I could see her holding a huge grudge.

5 What A Freak!

Via: kidswb.wikia.com, persephohi.deviantart.com

Ah, Freakazoid, the cartoon that constantly made you go, “what did I just see?” This show was a pretty funny superhero one where the main hero seemed just as crazy as his enemies. Dexter Douglas is a 16-year-old kid who ended up gaining powers from a computer bug, giving him all the knowledge of the Internet, and making him super strong and fast, but also a tad bit insane. He became the superhero, Freakazoid.

Would Freakazoid be different as a girl? Eh, probably not. In fact, the show itself did create a character that was pretty much a female version of Freakazoid, and she was called Freakazette. Still, this design of female freakazoid does look pretty cool. I wonder if she would be just as insane as her male counterpart.

4 Life Is Like A Hurricane For These Girls

Via: tumblr.com

Who doesn’t love Ducktales? The series has remained popular enough that it ended up getting a reboot 30 years later (which is actually really good). The show stars Scrooge McDuck and his three great-nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who happen to be triplets. The three are your typical boys who like to get into all kinds of trouble and are always up for an adventure.

So, what would they be like as girls? Probably the same, though they may be a tad bit less reckless. (This interpretation is actually based on the 2017 Ducktales characters, but I thought their redesign looked pretty cool, and I had to include them.) I could still see these female triplets going on crazy adventures with their Uncle Scrooge and still getting into trouble.

3 She’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All

via: genderbender-lovers.deviantart.com, infinitysign.deviantart.com

Compared to the other Pokémon Trainers, there’s something rather unique about Ash (besides the fact that he hasn’t aged over the years. Yay cartoon logic). He’s proven to be quite the Pokémon Trainer and he’s not afraid to go a little unorthodox in his methods. The great thing is that they often work, and it makes him closer than ever to his Pokémon.

Personally, I love the idea of a female Ash, and I think she would be a pretty cool character! She would still probably be reckless and headstrong, though maybe she and Pikachu would get along better initially. (Then again, it’s hard to tell with Pikachu.) It would be interesting to see if female Ash’s dynamic with Brock or Misty would be any different. Brock would probably flirt with her, but she and Misty might be closer (or they would clash even more).

2 This Troop Just Got More Feminine

Via: vampiremeerkat.tumblr.com

Max and PJ were two of the main characters in the popular cartoon Goof Troop, a show that took a look at Goofy and Pete as a couple of suburban dads. The show itself is pretty entertaining and does take a rather fun look at the family dynamics of these popular cartoon characters. And part of that has Max and PJ just trying to survive school and still have fun.

So, what would members of the Goof Troop be like as girls? I think female Max would still like to skateboard, and female PJ would still probably be a nervous wreck. The dynamic between Goofy and a female Max would be really interesting as Goofy would try to keep her out of trouble and still help her be happy.

1 The Mystery Gang Looks a Little Different

Via: x2nat.deviantart.com

Who doesn’t know about Scooby Doo and his gang? I remember watching these cartoons as a kid and getting totally sucked into the different mysteries they had to solve (which usually just ended up being some jerk in a mask.) But what would these characters be like as different genders?

Female Shaggy would definitely still be a total stoner, and female Fred would probably still be the gung-ho character that’s not afraid to step into danger. She would totally have a crush on male Daphne too. And girl Scooby Doo probably wouldn’t change much either. She's still the lovable scaredy-dog we all love. It would be kind of cool to have had an episode where everyone swapped genders. Oh well, maybe in one of the reboots.

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