YouTube Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

An official YouTube app is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has finally added to the Switch’s online streaming capabilities.

Yesterday, the company officially announced that a YouTube app was available for the Nintendo Switch. The YouTube app joins Hulu in regards to the device’s online video streaming options.

The announcement came days after rumors began surfacing from forum users on the sites of ResetEra and NintenHome, saying that they were coming across suggestions for a YouTube app while searching for games on Nintendo’s website.

Switch users had previously been able to put unofficial workarounds in place to access YouTube content prior to the apps release, but technically, since late 2017, Hulu had been the only official digital streaming service available for the Switch, with Netflix still yet to make the leap. Honestly, it is surprising that a YouTube app took this long to make it to the Switch, considering it is available on every other gaming console.

via Nintendo

The YouTube app comes with the general functionalities that most regular users would expect, but there are certain limitations that users should be aware of.

Being connected to a Wi-Fi network is the only way to access the app. As such, those with a YouTube Premium subscription will be unable to watch downloaded videos offline. It would make sense for this feature to be available in the future though, as the Switch’s function as a mobile device is one of its largest draws.

The app is also not exactly optimized for the Switch’s touchscreen. For instance, although the app does support 360-degree video viewing, users will need to use the right Joy-Con analog stick to look around, rather than using the touchscreen itself.

Most users will find that the app works perfectly for what they need, while more advanced users will likely have to wait for specific features to be added in future updates. Ultimately, the important thing is that another streaming app has been added to the Switch. The addition of the YouTube app is a step in the right direction for the Switch and bringing in outside integrations. Now, rather than a matter of “if,” it is likely a matter of “when,” for other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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