Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Must Have Cards For Every Beginners Deck

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game players battle one another using Monster, Spell and Trap cards to reduce one another's Life Points to 0. There are thousands of cards available, and for a new player, it might be difficult to figure out how to go about building their deck. Each deck must have 40 to 60 cards with certain monster cards, like Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz monster, placed in an Extra deck. There are a number of different deck types a player can create using the cards available that can be based on their own personal tastes and battle style. But there are a few cards that every beginner should consider using.

Here are the 10 Must-Have Cards For Every Beginners Deck.

10 Pot Of Duality

"Pot of Duality" is a from the Greed series of cards. The "Greed" series is all about allowing a player to draw cards from their deck. "Pot of Greed" is a notable Spell Card that allowed players to draw 2 cards, however, it's on the Forbidden List. But newer players can still reap similar benefits with "Pot of Duality". It lets a player "excavate", meaning both players get to see, the top 3 cards from their deck.

They get to pick 1 of those cards and add it to their hand while shuffling the other two back into their deck. It comes with the price of not being able to Special Summon during the turn the card is activated, but it's a good way to draw another card outside of the Draw Phase.

9 Marshmallon

You can't fill your deck with just strong monsters, you need lower starred ones to use as "tributes" and "materials" for the different types of summoning. And plenty of monsters that are low in attack and defense points, have effects to them that more than make-up for being "weak". "Marshmallon" is one of them. This cute fairy type is an effect monster that can't be destroyed by battle, meaning your opponent can't take it out with any monster, no matter how many attack points they have. It has another effect that makes "Marshmallon" a pretty great card.

If it was attacked when it was face-down during the beginning of the Damage Step, then the player who attacked it takes 1000 points of damage!

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8 Drowning Mirror Force

Veteran players are at least familiar with the "Mirror Force" card from the "Mirror Trap" series that destroys all an opponent's attack position monsters. Which is a pretty great effect against normal monsters, but won't get rid of targeting or destruction-immune monsters. "Drowning Mirror Force" gives a similar but more effective outcome. When an opponent tries to attack you directly, you can activate this trap card to shuffle all their attack position monsters back into their deck. Your life points remain intact and you get to watch your opponent search for your monsters through the rest of the game.

7 Goblindbergh

For a 4 star monster, "Goblindbergh" doesn't have a bad attack power, though its defense isn't great. But "Goblindbergh" isn't on here for its attack power, but for its effect. When it's Normal Summoned a player can Special Summon another Level 4 or lower monster from their hand to the field, giving them the ability to summon 2 monsters at once! "Goblindbergh" has to be switched to its defense position afterward but it isn't that bad of a price to pay to have an additional summon. And it's an Unlimited card, meaning you can have up to 3 of them in your deck!

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6 Future Fusion

Fusion monsters are one of the types of monsters that can be Special Summoned. These monsters are in the Extra Deck and are typically pretty strong. However, in the past, you could only summon these monsters using the Spell card, "Polymerization". But cards that let you circumvent "Polymerization" have since been released and "Future Fusion" is one of them. This spell card lets you set up the material needed for your fusion monster during your 1st Standby stage and lets you summon the fusion monster on your 2nd one.

It has to stay on the field and if it goes so does the fusion but if you want to fuse outside the limits of "Polymerization" this is one way to do so.

5 Threatening Roar

You might find yourself faced against a powerful monster that threatens to take a good chunk out of your Life points and you find yourself wishing there was a way to keep it from attacking. Well, there is, with the Trap card "Threatening Roar". When this card is triggered your opponent can't attack you with their monsters on the turn the card was played. Hopefully, your opponent doesn't have a spell card or monster effect that'll get rid of "Threatening Roar", and with it being unlimited you 3 potential chances to stop an opponent from attacking.

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4 Battle Fader

Trap and Spell cards offer great opportunities to defend oneself from their opponent's attacks, but they're still vulnerable to being taken out by other card effects. However, cards like "Battle Fader "make for great defenses. Unofficially coined as "hand traps", players can spring "Battle Fader" on their opponent when they declare an attack. When that happens a player can special summon it to the field and end the Battle Phase, stopping an opponent in their tracks. It's great for a quick defense and could potentially be used for a tribute or another special summon later on.

It gets banished from the game once it leaves the field but it's a small price to pay for a nearly unshakable defense.

3 Double Summon

When it comes to Normal Summoning monsters you can have up to 5 monsters on the field at a time and during the Battle Phase, you can have more than one monster attack. Unless you have a really powerful monster, or a Trap or Spell card that keeps your opponent's monsters at bay, you'll typically want more than one monster on the field. And if you aren't Special Summoning a monster you can only Normal Summon one monster per turn during Main Phase 1. This spell cared, however, lets you bypass that rule and summon 2 monsters at once.

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2 Secret Barrel

There are plenty of cards out there that can deal direct damage to an opponent, even if they have monsters on their field! "Secret Barrel" is a trap card that does just that and its a pretty classic card that still deserves a spot in the decks of players today. When it is activated a player can inflict 200 damage on their opponent for each card in their opponent's hand and under their control. And since you can have up to 5 monsters (Normal Summoned) on the field and 5 cards in your hand you could potentially deal 2000 points of direct damage in one turn!

1 Nimble Momonga

"Nimble Momonga" is another effect monster that will give any beginner a strong start to their deck building. This 2-star monster isn't the strongest out there, but its lack of strength is what sets off its amazing effect. When an opponent destroys "Nimble Momonga" and it gets sent the graveyard, the player who summoned it gains 1000 Life Points. And as a bonus, they can Special Summon any "Nimble Momngas" they have in their deck, who have the exact same Life Point giving effect! So potentially you can gain a nice 3000 Life Point boost if you have three of these in your deck.

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