Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution: 5 Decks That Are Great To Use (& 5 That You Should Avoid)

Yu-Gi-Oh is an original in the card game scene at this point. It's stuck through since 1996 when the first manga was published. Through the years the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh have been twisted and turned, shifting the strategies of the game and the decks used to play.

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Some Decks have risen from obscurity and taken their place in the light. While some once-powerful decks have taken a hit and been lost to time. This ever-changing field means that players have to keep an eye out for trends in deck builds. No one wants to get caught using an obsolete strategy and being crushed in one turn.

10 Counter Fairy

Fairy type cards don't tend to be the most aggressive and that still holds true in this deck. However, for the duelist that likes testing people's patience, Counter Fairy might just be for you. Often times it will send your opponent into fits if you use it effectively.

The counter fairies themselves aren't particularly effective, what you're employing is basically a great support team. They work off of counter traps (hence the name) and their effects will help your real hitters out. Those aids will be what helps you gain the advantage and take over, it also gives you the 1,2, punch effect that really grates on certain opponents.

9 Weather Painter

Does it get much less intimidating? A deck of Fairy-type monsters that have names like ''Magic Planter''. While looks can often be deceiving, in this case, it rings true. This isn't to say it can't be dangerous, but it takes a lot to get it there.

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Weather Painter is a highly strategical deck that takes a lot of nitpicky planning to be effective. If you can stop the constant summoning of monsters, The Weathers banishing will run itself dry of monsters and take away the attack altogether.

8 Crusadia

This deck is a quick worker, with the end game being an OTK (one turn knockout). The thing that makes Crusadia such a catch is its back up plans. Many decks have one big punch, but few can keep fighting after they've thrown it.

Your main goal is to build up Crusaida Equimax. You do this by using other Crusadias to summon it, finally delivering the final blow. However, if you can't then you have Crusaida Maxima who will deliver a hefty blow or Crusadia Spartha that gives you mass swarming abilities. This continues until eventually your ahead in winning the position.

7 Burning Abyss

Burning Abyss has all the backstory to make it seems like an intimidating deck. being around for such a long time and commanding respect for its heavy, rapid-fire attack. With all this going for it, Burning Abyss is far from bad, but it has too many holes and weaknesses in the current age.

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Being a deck that leans heavily on its dark type monsters, the opportunities for your opponent to trip you up to come often. If any normal type monsters get pushed onto your side it will disrupt your next couple of moves. Any cards get forced into a face-down position and there's a chance that some of your heavy hitters will self destruct. Too many flaws, too many holes.

6 Fur Hire

Now, Fur Hire may sound like the cutest name for an archetype, and while you might be right your opponent won't think so. Especially when there being swarmed by the front line.

The main strategy of the deck is to swarm the monster slots with your ''Fur Hire'' monster cards. These cards have different effects, spanning from destroying other cards and giving you LP. While the low-end monsters will trigger summonings, the higher end will protect other ''Fur Hire'' creatures resulting in your crowd of attack.

5 Monarchs

Monarch decks can be a tricky one to come up against, with incredible aggression it becomes complicated to attack off the back foot. Once they are summoned, Monarchs destroy the opponent's cards and have a big attack force.

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While a lot of things fall short when you put it up against a Monarch deck, the ''Zombie World'' deck will completely dismantle it. This is a rare occurrence but when it happens the player is left with a bunch of useful, powerful monsters with no way to

4 Dark Warrior

While Dark Warrior has different variations on how you execute its main strategy, they all meet at the same place in the end. It just releases the player from having to get a specific card and broadens your options. Many consider this one of the best paths to victory in the game.

Some common cards you'll see pop up in this deck variation are Phoenix Blade or Isolde. If you manage to get Isolde on the field in your first turn then it's all gravy from here on out. The more cards you send to the graveyard the higher level Warrior card you can summon and crush your opponent.

3 Elemental Hero

A deck full of superheroes, What could be better? Quite a lot apparently. While Elemental Heroes was a good deck when it was first introduced, the twists and turns of the ruleset have warped the strategy too much.

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The weakness of Elemental Heroes has always had is its defence. In the archetype there's isn't a hint of protection for the heroes, leaving you with general defences from other sources. The amount of traps and spells that you can use immediately is basically nil, meaning you have practically no adaptability to your play style.

2 Light Sworn

For the Do-gooders among us, Lightsworn is the deck for you. Sacrifice is the key to most belief systems and something that will have to be done if a player wants this deck to be effective.

Though the look of this deck would lead you to believe its all sunshine and rainbows, the true power of this deck lies in the graveyard. Sending your cards to it more specifically. It's all for the ''Judgement Dragon'' who can be special summoned once 4 lightsworns are in the graveyard. A big gamble but if the hail mary orks its game over.

1 Kozmo

The high tech recycling plant that is Kozmo. The power of Kozmo comes from a kamikaze style type play from spaceship and pilot cards. Summoning other Kozmo monsters of higher or lower levels, they can trigger a chain effect and mass summon and destroy for an OTK.

Monster cards that negate the Kosmo effect can disable this deck leaving its plan dead in the dirt. As soon as the ability to keep monsters in play is removed it's basically left dwindling away its only remaining attack force.

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