15Best: Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

Via Youtube (pyrofloLP)

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans were anticipating Nightmare Troubadour long before Konami announced and released the game. The results were excellent. Nightmare Troubadour had all the fun of the other great portable Yu-Gi-Oh! games, with the added bonus of an interactive touch screen that allowed for quick decision making. The game was a

map-based duel journey through Battle City, and the dual screen allowed for the map and new 3D dual displays and Monster animations to display simultaneously. Playing through Battle City with the original Anime cast is a blast, especially because this game branched out to include Pegasus, the Virtual World, and the Paradox Brothers. Watch out though—Shadow Duels can land you in the Shadow Realm, recovering at your last save point. Fans remember Nightmare Troubadour fondly because it blazed trails for new Yu-Gi-Oh! games on the DS.

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