Yu-Gi-Oh's Yugi Muto Joins Jump Force Roster In Latest Trailer

Jump Force is shaping up to be the ultimate who's who of anime heroes. But the latest character to join the crossover fighting game comes as an unexpected surprise. Yugi Mutoh, of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame, will be duking it out with the likes of Goku and Naruto.

Announced during this year's E3, Jump Force is an upcoming fighting game that features characters from Shonen Jump, a Japanese magazine that publishes many iconic stories. Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and Yi-Gi-Oh! are just a few of the massive franchises that have come from Shonen Jump's pages.

Shonen Jump stories tend to fit into the action/adventure category, and its best-known characters are fist-fighters that use martial arts or superpowers to engage in epic battles. In Jump Force, players will be staging their own epic battles with over-the-top abilities from throughout Jump history. So how will Yugi, known chiefly for his prowess at a children's card game, match the likes of a Super Saiyan?

It turns out Yugi fights by summoning his trusted Duel Monsters. Dark Magician naturally makes up the bulk of Yugi's attacks, along with an assist from the Dark Magician Girl. The mighty Slifer the Sky Dragon also makes an appearance, presumably as Yugi's ultimate attack.

via: Bandai Namco

There's actually a reason for all of this inter-dimensional squabbling, as comicbook.com points out. The game's story is that the real world is threatened by Jump villains like Frieza and Aizen, and a "Jump Force" of heroes is assembled to stop them. The battles also merge the universes together, which is why you can see ninja statues flanking the Golden Gate Bridge in Yugi's trailer.

Players will be able to join the fight in the form of a customizable avatar. While its not known exactly what abilities this avatar has, they have been shown wearing Luffy's straw hat. Pre-order announcements also tease items like Saiyan armor and Naruto's hokage jacket. Given these, it's not crazy to think that you might be able to sport Yugi's duel disk as well.

Jump Force will release in February 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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