Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ranking Every Magician Girl Card

Originating as a support card for the Dark Magician archetype, the original Dark Magician Girl was once a stand-alone card. There were no consumable friends around her to help. While she did have some retrained versions in the form of cards like Magician's Valkyria, it wasn’t until 2016’s Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions movie that this single card became somewhat of its own archetype. While there are some other cards that are similar to the archetype, such as Illusion Apprentice Magician, today we will be ranking the eight official Magician Girl cards. The original and snack girls ONLY. Let’s jump into it.

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8 Dark Magician Girl

While she might be one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters of all time, the Dark Magician Girl is the worst of the Magician Girls. This card gains 300 attack for every Dark Magician and Magician of Black Chaos in either player's graveyard. This provides the card with almost no utility except for allowing Yugi to pull off a clutch win against Arcana, thanks for that. She might have well just been given some flavor text if her effect was going to be that pointless. While she's still viable in this particular archetype due to the sheer number of support cards she has, she's certainly not the best of the best.

7 Toon Dark Magician Girl

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The same but Toon powers! Toon Dark Magician Girl is literally just the original save for some Toon protection if Toon World is on the field. Other than that, she really isn't worth talking about, as she barely differs from her original counterpart. If you have a Toon deck, this it the Magician Girl for you.

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However, this also locks her out of the support cards that the original Dark Magician Girl has, making her pretty worthless if you're not going to use her in a Toon deck. She's essentially interchangeable with the original for the lowest spot on the list.

6 Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight

The final retrained version of the Dark Magician Girl and the final time she will appear on this list, we have Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight. She's really batting bottom three, huh? She had three separate chances to excel and she failed each time. Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight can send a card from your hand to the graveyard to target and destroy a card on the field. That's a fine effect, but a lot of the time you just aren't going to want to give up card advantage to get rid of a target, unless it is super necessary. A situational fusion card, Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight isn't that great compared to our upcoming citrus friend.

5 Lemon Magician Girl

Of the food girls, Lemon Magician Girl is at the lower end of the spectrum. With Lemon Magician Girl, you can tribute a Magician Girl to add a Spellcaster from your deck to your hand. When attacked, you can special summon a Spellcaster from your hand (that has its effects negated) to take the attack, and the attacker loses half of its points in the process. That effect can certainly be helpful in many situations, but the other Magician Girls have the ability to swarm the field in a much easier way than Madam Lemon can. However, she still has great synergy with her other food friends.

4 Chocolate Magician Girl

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With Chocolate Magician Girl on the field, you can discard a Spellcaster to draw a card. If the card is targeted for attack, you can change the attack target to a Spellcaster from the Graveyard that you’ll special summon to the field.

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The attacker loses half of its attack points. Chocolate Magician girl allows you to recycle your Spellcasters from the graveyard and get them back onto the field with no cost at all, without a trip to the hand first. As with the others, she works very well with her other snacky sisters.

3 Apple Magician Girl

When targeted, Apple Magician girl allows you to special summon a level five or lower spellcaster from your hand to take the attack, and the attack value of the attacking monster is halved. If this card is destroyed, you can add three Magician Girls from your Graveyard to your hand. Having both of these effects in tandem make Apple Magician Girl a force to be reckoned with. If used with Lemon Magician Girl, you can get a Spellcaster of your choice out onto the field with no issue at all. She can also assure that you have plenty of Magician Girls ready to be unleashed at any time.

2 Berry Magician Girl

When summoning Berry Magician Girl, you can add another Magician Girl from your deck to your hand. When this card is attacked or targeted by an effect, you can change its battle position and special summon a different Magician Girl from your deck. Berry Magician Girl allows you to feed your hand with other Magician Girls, which other Fruit Ladies can then summon to the field with their abilities. She can also summon them straight from the deck, allowing for a different, consistent method of keeping your field stacked with varying Entree Girl options.

1 Kiwi Magician Girl

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Kiwi Magician Girl's effect grants you the ability to discard Kiwi Magician Girl to give the other Magician Girls a boost to their attack and defense for the whole turn, depending on how many of them you have on the field and in your graveyard. Spellcasters also can’t be destroyed or targeted by card effects. While the attack and defense boost isn't important, the protection that Kiwi Magician Girl grants to the other Magician Girls is a huge help to the entire archetype. While she is a five star monster and does require a sacrifice, the protection that she offers is something that every other appetizer is missing, making her the true main course of this archetype.

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