10 Celebrities Zac Efron Has Dated (And 10 He’s Just Friends With)

Zac Efron: the man, the myth, the hunk. Where to begin with this larger than life star? Well, I guess we have to go back 12 years. Britney Spears was on the brink of her meltdown; the Nintendo Wii just dropped, leading the revolution for motion controls; oh, and a small little indie flick just dropped called High School Musical.

High School Musical was massive in terms of popularity and the film was responsible for two important things: Delivering a culture shock in which everyone took a side of loving the film or hating it. I especially loved when South Park took jabs at the franchise, making every character sing out their feelings for an entirety of an episode. But High School Musical was also responsible for throwing an actor straight into the limelight and straight into our hearts, Mr. 28 abs himself, Zac Efron.

Efron stole the show with his powerful vocals and star-studded looks. He won the hearts of every 13-year-old girl across the planet and made every guy (including me) jealous of all the attention he was stealing. But Efron had the charm and looks of a clichéd boy band, and just like most boy bands, his time in the limelight seemed to be fizzling out. Before he was forgotten, Efron did something, something that propelled him into Hollywood stardom forever: he got even more attractive.

Now he had the attention of every woman on the planet, and dudes like me were fed up competing with Efron’s impossible looks. With a sculpted body like that, Efron has had his fair share of people he’s dated—so we’re here to deviate the ones he’s friendzoned vs. the ones who scored with him.

Now he had the attention of every woman on the planet, and dudes like me were fed up competing with Efron’s impossible looks. With a sculpted body like that, Efron has had his fair share of people he’s dated — so we’re here to deviate the ones he’s friend zoned vs. the ones who scored with him.

20 Dated: Vanessa Hudgens

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Let’s start off this list with the obvious one, and the one that hurts the most: Zac’s relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. Nowadays these two aren’t "breaking free," but really are breaking apart as they’ve been separated now for almost eight years. But let’s try to remember the good times when they were the young Hollywood couple that everyone couldn’t get enough of. Now there’s not much to say about these two that you probably don't already know but let’s take a trip down memory lane anyway.

Hudgens and Efron first met up when auditioning for High School Musical back in 2005 where they played Gabriella Montez and Bolton.

The chemistry was so good between these two onscreen that it translated to their actual lives, because the two started dating shortly after the first movie. And these two quickly became the couple that Hollywood and America fell in love with, because let's face it, they're just a cute pair. But I guess all good things come to an end, as I say this with my box of tissues handy because the two called it splits after five years saying the relationship had just run its course. No, I'm not crying, I've just been cutting a lot of onions!

19 Friend Zone: Taylor Swift

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So while I’m not a swifter, or a swiftee, or whatever it's called nowadays, I think it’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a long list of dudes she’s dated, but Efron isn’t one of the dudes on that list. Though there were tons of rumors stirring around that the two were dating, especially after they finished up working on The Lorax together.

TMZ, tabloids, and all sorts of gossip sites were spreading rumors that the two were dating, but it was Swift and Efron who squashed the allegations on Ellen. The two ended up playing a song together where Swift shot back at the media for always over-analyzing her love life. The song was tongue-and-cheek and honestly pretty catchy.

But despite not being a huge Swift fan, I do really feel for her when it seems she’s preyed upon by the media with accusations and speculations to who she’s dating next. It seems that whenever Swift even looks at a guy that tabloids write up a story speculating if it’s Swift’s new love interest. And it seems like that’s the role that Efron played in this story; so while I’d love to hear them both collab on a song, it doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon.

18 Dated: Lindsay Lohan

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Now with a few entries on this list, we’re using the term “dated” pretty loosely because the details are pretty cryptic involving a few people that Efron’s allegedly been with. That being said, there did seem to be some strange tension between these two former Disney stars.

The tension came in the form of an infamous list found from Lindsay Lohan that detailed all the men in Hollywood that she allegedly had relations with at some point. Though Lohan titled the list something a little more blunt, and a bit more provocative, I’m going to refrain from saying the actual name out of fear of being labeled a potty mouth.

But the list itself is a sight to behold, as it features almost every prominent celebrity in Hollywood at that time. Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, and Benicio Del Toro are just the start of it, but Zac Efron also finds a spot on this infamous list. When Zac was asked for more details about his entry, he replied back only with a devious smile not giving us any more insight as to what happened. So as I put on my detective hat to solve wondering if this relationship really went down, I think it’s safe to assume that something, at the very least, went down.

17 Friend Zone: Teresa Palmer

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Here’s a gal that I don’t know by name, but I do know by the roles she’d played, at least I think I do. Palmer played the lead in the hit horror movie Lights Out, played the female lead in Hacksaw Ridge, and also had a role in the zombie flick Warm Bodies. I knew the roles she played, but for some reason I never put a name to the face for this actress.

But just like a few other entries on this list, I’m assuming a few of you would like to know her involvement with Efron, especially since the two haven’t worked on anything to my knowledge. Well, there’s not much information to go off here, but shortly after Efron’s split with Vanessa Hudgens there were rumors going around that Efron and Palmer were caught locking lips in a Hollywood club.

Now, I was close to putting Palmer in the “dated” section, especially upon learning that Efron and Teresa Palmer attended a premiere together back in February of 2011, leading the media to believe that something fishy was going on. But the relationship here is just too cryptic to tell either way. Regardless, Palmer got married shortly after, so it looks like Efron wasn’t the keeper she was looking for.

16 Dated: Candice Swanepoel

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Candice Who Poel? Don’t worry, I had no clue who this gal was either, and I’m sure that I’ll never be able to correctly pronounce her last name for the life of me, but good thing that’s not important in the context of this list. What is important is that Swanepoel makes the list for having a fling with Efron, and one that was seriously kept on the down-low.

Now with an exotic name like Candice Swanepoel, you would hope this chick has an equally glamorous job to match her unique name, and if you figured all that then you’d be right! As you might’ve been able to tell by the picture, Swanepoel uses her stunning good looks as a model, and she’s best known for her work as a Victoria Secret fashion model.

Maybe I’m the one living under a rock here, because this gal is pretty famous in the world of modeling as she’s been among the Top 10 earning models every year since 2010. Talk about living larger than life.

So I guess it’s no surprise that Mr. 28 abs himself, Zac Efron found himself romantically involved with a supermodel (God, I thought my jealousy couldn’t reach these heights). But these two only dated for a very short period of time and before everyone knew it they were done. Though neither admitted to any romance, it was clear to fans of both celebrities that something happened.

15 Friend Zone: Zendaya

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There was a ton of speculation whether these two former Disney stars were dating, but we’re here to put those rumors to rest. Zendaya and Efron met up on the recent film, The Greatest Showman and fans of both actors were going especially gaga when the two showcased some top-notch chemistry. The two played a couple in the movie, and the tension created between them was so magical that it opened dating rumors as to whether the two would pursue a relationship after the cameras were done rolling. The two even shared a kiss that Efron admitted was one of his favorites he’s ever had.

"This might be my favorite kiss ever," Efron stated while doing press for the movie. "The tension between our characters was so strong that literally just a glance between them is electric. When they finally have the courage in that moment to finally connect and get that kiss, it's... really happening," he finished. When Efron says things like this we almost believe that these two have a future ahead of them, but for now it seems there just good friends

Besides, even though the two shared an onscreen kiss, I think Efron is a little out of the age range for Zendaya, with him being 30 and her being 21. Personally, I’m pulling for Tom Holland and Zendaya to finally put the rumors to rest and bring out those wedding bells.

14 Dated: Michelle Rodriguez

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Now this is one couple that I truly never would’ve seen coming, like ever. Just imagine someone telling you in 2005 that Zac Efron, this innocent-looking kid coming off the Disney Channel, was one day going to end up with the tougher than nails, empowered machine, Michelle Rodriguez. Something just doesn’t add up; the only way someone could call something like that is if they had a crazy grey-haired scientist companion and a DeLorean.

But I guess this relationship did seem to transition a lot more naturally, especially when Efron became more shredded than a julienne salad. But let’s get onto the hot deets between these two—they started dating in the summer of 2014 where they literally went on a season of wild adventures through Europe. Throughout the summer months, these two were seen everywhere together, though it seemed like their relationship was very off and on during that time.

One week everything would be going good between the two and the next they’d look more estranged then that Guns n’ Roses song. Obviously that isn’t the formula for a healthy relationship, so the two called it quits by the end of the summer, making this relationship truly bizarre. Though, this isn’t the first time Rodriguez has done this, as she’s said she couldn’t truly find herself being tied down to any person.

13 Friend Zone: Amanda Bynes

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The queen of classic Nickelodeon sitcoms, and Judge Trudy herself, Amanda Bynes. Bynes and Efron had similar careers in a way, both growing up on two titan networks for childhood programming, and both stealing the spotlight early into their lives. Each had their time when they were the face of their respected networks, but that’s where the comparisons start to end.

As Efron went onto to a life of abs and stardom, Bynes went off the deep end, and that’s putting it lightly.

But before the dark days hit Bynes, these two worked on the film Hairspray together. And after filming was done, the two became good friends, but that all quickly changed when Bynes wreaked havoc on the world, and her career in a series of questionable tweets. In one of the infamous tweets, Bynes even said that Efron “has an ugly face.” *Insert Gasp Emoji*

Efron, realizing that Bynes was probably having a social meltdown of sorts, refrained from responding back; but this action obviously rubbed Efron the wrong way, as he hasn’t been seen hanging around with Bynes since. Thankfully Bynes leveled off, and came back to reality as she spoke publicly on Good Morning America last year after four years of privacy. On a segment of the show, she rated Zac Efron as one of her hottest co-stars, but I think she’s too deep in the friend zone to get on Efron’s romantic side at this point.

12 Dated: Sami Miro

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Hey look, it’s more celebs that I’ve never heard of! I’m sure some of you are pretty ticked with my ignorance of celebrities, so I’ll try to get my head in the game for the rest of these entries, but no promises! So let’s get onto Zac Efron and Sami Miro. Well, first, I guess, let’s give a little history on Miro, for those of you who fall into the same boat of ignorance as me.

It figures that Miro is yet another model who I’m aware of, but this gal’s résumé goes a lot deeper than just modelling. Miro can speak fluent French, she runs and designs her own fashion label, and if that wasn’t enough, she has a Master’s Degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of San Francisco. Looks like Efron struck gold when he got into a relationship with this gal.

The two were first spotted back in 2014 where they were seen attending an L.A. Dodgers game and it seemed that from the very beginning these two wanted to keep their relationship as far from the spotlight as possible. On that subject Miro stated, "It kind of just comes with the territory," Miro told Elle.com. "and I know there's no really changing that, so you just have to embrace it.” This might’ve been the reason why they only lasted two years, but it looked like it was a fun two years for both of them.

11 Friend Zone: Ashley Tisdale

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“5, 6, 7, 8! Nah, nah, nah, nah…. You are the music in me!” Yeah I weeped and even showed my soft side for Hudgens breakup with Efron but I’ve always rooted for Sharpay, or Ashley Tisdale to score big with him. Tisdale always brought it when it came to her songs in High School Musical. While Hudgens always had the stripped back, more romantic-styled songs that seemed to put me to sleep, it was Tisdale who rocked that school with her over-the-top performances and powerful vocals. And not to mention she was one heck of a babe.

Now these two do have some romantic history, as TMZ leaked some photos of them allegedly kissing, but it just doesn’t seem enough to merit putting Tisdale in the dated category. They’re more just friends, friends who just sometimes kiss each other, because that’s not weird right, right?! Well, either way, these two are on a whole other level of adorable, but with Tisdale married to Christopher French it just doesn’t seem like a relationship is in the cards for Efron.

Thankfully, it seems these two are still pretty good friends and have been for awhile. On Tisdale’s YouTube page she answered some fan questions, including some pertaining to her friendship with Efron. "I grew up with Zac, I've known him since he was 16, Tisdale staed. “..he's just like my brother, so he was always awesome to hang out with.”

10 Dated: Halston Sage

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Hey! Someone who Zac’s dated who I know, kind of. You might know Halston Sage from Seth Macfarlane’s not so subtle Star Trek parody, The Orville. But you might also know her when she played Efron’s romantic interest on the smash-up comedy Neighbors. I don’t know what’s up with Efron dating all his co-stars, but apparently that’s his thing, so if you’re looking to get into a relationship with Zac then I guess you now know what you have to do.

Sage and Efron were apparently spending a lot of time together while they were filming Neighbors. And this wasn’t just “Hey you wanna go get a quick bite to eat” time, it was “Hey, let's go hang out everywhere and even go see a Lakers game” kind of time. So to some degree, this relationship was kind of serious, because you don’t drop "courtside tickets at a Lakers game" kind of money unless you’re decently interested in the person your bringing.

Though these two never confirmed they were a couple, the clues were all there and fans put it all together. But their supposed relationship didn’t last too long as the two didn’t really keep in contact after Neighbors was done filming.

9 Friend Zone: Dave Franco

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I bet you thought this list would only consist of supermodel type girls, and celebs with bombacious bodies, didn’t you? Well, while Efron has dated half of these girls on this list, and has had pretty good flirtationships/friendships with the rest, they all pale in comparison to the chemistry that Efron has with his best bud Dave Franco.

I’m sure all of you have that friend, that friend that you’re so close with that legitimate dating rumors surface about you. Wait, what? You don’t?

But what I tell you right now is 100% truth: Franco and Efron are such good buds that people actually thought they were dating at one point. Talk about a close friendship. The article was hoaxed and created by a 17-year-old fan of James Franco, and it was James who reposted the article on his Twitter offering his congratulations to the newly-pronounced couple. The alarming part was that some people even fell for the hoax, with someone at E! describing the article as “pretty convincing.”

Apparently when you have a friendship that good, people don’t even flinch when it’s revealed that you’re now dating. The icing on the cake came when these two stated in interviews that they’d never go hang out with a girl over hanging out with a bro. Apparently Efron is all about mates before dates or any other saying of that sort.

8 Dated: Lily Collins

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Hmph, I seem to remember myself saying that I’d try to know all the celebrities left on this list. Well, it seems that promise was short lived, because here we are with Lily Collins. You know this gal is a lot more up my alley as she’s an actress and I’m much more familiar with movies than fashion models. But here we are, yet again with a girl who I’ll pretend to know everything about for the remainder of this entry.

Efron seems to have a knack for dating girls that I’ve never heard of, but they're good looking nonetheless, so I’ll let it slide.

Sorry again if I’ve offended any big-time Lily Collins fans out there, but let’s get onto her relationship with Efron. The two sparked dating rumors back in 2012 when the two were seen getting dinner together, and although both were on the “hush hush” about their romantic life, it was pretty obvious the two were together. They were seen holding hands at a party shortly after, and even spent Valentine’s Day together.

The two split a couple of months later blaming the breakup on their busy schedules, but got back together in October of 2014 when they were spotted once again, holding hands, this time at Disneyland. And as innocent as holding hands might seem, we all know it’s only reserved for that special somebody. These two split shortly after this though, and it seemed for good.

7 Friend Zone: Rumer Willis

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Now for you eagled-eyed readers out there I’m sure you might’ve come to the conclusion that this gal has some sort of relationship to legendary action star, Bruce Willis. Or maybe I’m just too presumptuous thinking you caught that, but for those of you who did, give yourself a pat on the back because this is in-fact, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter. Now you might be wondering what Rumer’s doing on this list and what her relation to Efron is, well don’t get your [insert joke here] in a twist as I’m here to tell you all the deets between these two.

While I’m unsure how these two met, they were spotted numerous times throughout 2011 hanging out and hitting up clubs. Now with them hanging out all the time, dating rumours were bound to surface, and surface they did. But when you really look at all the details, it’s plain to see that these two were really just friends.

No romantic activity was ever seen between them, and they frequently hung out with other people when they did see each other so there was little-to-no chance that they were out on dates. So it leads us to the conclusion that one friend zoned the other, thought I’m not sure how it’s possible to friendzone Zac Efron, but kudos to Willis if she was the one to do it.

6 Dated: Alexandra Daddario

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Looks like it’s time to get on with Efron’s current dating life, or at least his alleged relationship with his former co-star from Baywatch, Alexandra Daddario. Now, I was seriously close to putting her in the friendzoned section of this list, as Daddario recently came out in an interview with PEOPLE saying this: “We’re very good friends. Zac and I’ve worked together, and we’re very good friends.”

So it’s obvious that she’s a little frustrated with the dating rumors, but these two have just been a roller coaster of emotions since they worked together, so just make sure to take this entry with 40 asterisk signs next to it. But I’ll give you a little history as to why many still believe the two have some sort of romantic history.

First off, the two obviously had some electrifying chemistry in Baywatch and with their matching blue eyes and flawless features it seemed that everyone was clamoring to see if Efron would once again date another co-star. Besides that, though, the two have some really flirty conversations on Instagram and have had their fair share of steamy pics too. Who knows, maybe they are just really, really, good friends, but if not, then I don’t think many of us will be surprised.

5 Friend Zone: Emma Roberts

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Apparently Efron used to make a habit of making out with celebrity chicks at Hollywood parties, and that’s exactly the storyline that Emma Roberts plays into for this entry. The American Horror Story star allegedly had a full-on kissing sesh with Efron at a Hollywood Halloween party hosted by former N*SYNC member, Lance Bass.

A bystander at the party opened up with In Touch magazine about the alleged kissing sesh he saw. "Zac and Emma both wound up at Lance's party, and before the night was over, they were all over each other," an unnamed insider told the magazine. "They took each other's numbers and seemed into each other."I can’t lie, it all seems pretty legit and I only have a few doubts regarding whether this happened or not. But even if sparks flew that night, literally nothing, at least publicly, came out after that night.

The only thing to come out after that night was Emma Roberts getting engaged with co-star Evan Peters, which they eventually called off after being together for three years. So who knows, now that Roberts is single and ready to mingle she might find herself in another kissing sesh with Efron. But for now the two just seem like good friends.

4 Dated: Alexandra Storm

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So yeah, unless you’re the biggest Efron fan on the planet, then there’s little to no chance that you know who Alexandra Storm is. And we must also say that this is probably the only relationship on this list where a ton of details are missing, but as we came to find out, Efron really hasn’t dated that many girls. Surprising, right? Especially since the man can score some of the most beautiful actresses, and most famous models.

But Efron likes to keep his dating life as secretive as possible, making our jobs harder, but it’s easy to see why he likes the privacy.

Now, since I’ve rambled on enough, let's talk about this bizarre relationship with Alexandra Storm. Of course, since I had no clue who she was I assumed her to be another model (Which of course she is).

However, Storm isn’t a particularly famous model which makes this relationship stranger. Granted, she definitely has that model look, but it’s just head-scratching wondering where Efron met this girl. The only time the two were spotted together was at Cafè de Paris in Monte Carlo back in 2012, where someone got a picture of two cuddling at a table. So obviously something happened, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what that something was.

3 Friend Zone: Paris Jackson

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The last name Jackson can apply to many people, especially celebrities. We have Peter Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Andrew Jackson, the list goes on. But Paris Jackson isn’t related to any of those individuals, at least I think she isn’t. Paris Jackson is related to the King of Pop himself. That’s right, she’s the daughter of musical legend, Michael Jackson.

Now, with Efron being a ginormous fan of Michael Jackson, as any right-minded human being would be, these two had some history, well at least according to deceitful tabloid covers.

A tabloid image blew up claiming to reveal all the hidden details of a date that occurred between Jackson and Efron, except Jackson told her friend, and revealed to the world, that she never even met the HMS star. Talk about some fake news! The only history these two have is when Jackson was a 10-year-old girl and went to go see a HMS concert, except Efron wasn’t even there!

Jackson revealed all the details wall on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "He was busy filming, when the tour was going on," she said to Fallon. "That was the most depressing part. He wasn't there! I was like this heartbroken 10-year-old." But Efron made sure to at least try and make it up to her by inviting her to the Baywatch premiere.

2 Dated: Brittany Snow

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You know, through this list it seems like we’ve solved the puzzle, or at the very least stumbled upon a pattern—it seems that Zac Efron has a thing for his co-workers. That’s right, you heard it here first, the key to Zac’s heart, apparently, is getting on his level. Now, I know that might be easier said than done, but Efron’s co-star on Hairspray, Brittany Snow seemed up for the task.

Now this is another relationship that’s up for debate, but I think the details here make for a case that’s unbeatable when it comes to if these two dated or not. The rumors brewed up after the the couple were spotted in a pretty cozy embrace at the Los Angeles’ Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park. Not only were Efron’s arms tightly wrapped around Snow's, but she was snuggling back with Efron in what looked like a cutest cuddle this century.

Now, here’s where I once again put on my detective's hat back and spark up my pipe. There’s just no chance that you get that cozy with one of your “friends,” especially when you’re going on a haunted hayride. It’s just unheard of! So while these two seemed to fizzle out romantically not too long after, myself and many others believe they were thing, even if just for a short time.

1 Friend Zone: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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Well, I hope you didn’t think the only dude on this list would be Dave Franco, because we have one more man who had some electrifying chemistry with Zac Efron during the film Baywatch, and that man is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Obviously it wasn’t romantic chemistry, but then again, it seems a certain onscreen kiss that these two shared during that film seems to beg to differ. That’s right, in case you missed out on this summer blockbuster, then you should know that Efron and The Rock shared an on-screen kiss that sent sparks flying right out of the screen.

The only thing more exclusive than receiving a kiss from Zac Efron is receiving a kiss from The Rock.

Efron is always questioned about the kiss, and in on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Efron went in on more details about this legendary moment saying it was an “awesome kiss” and continuing to state that he can take that off his bucket list now. Obviously, these two are just friends who shared a hilarious yet romantic moment.

But the main component of their chemistry is the admiration both stars have for one another. The Rock gave Efron the nickname Mr. 28 abs, and Efron always brags about the fun time he had working with the WWE star. Didn’t know the admiration ran so deep that they had to kiss to commemorate it, but I'm glad both these guys get a good laugh about it now.

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