Zelda: 10 Best Weapons That Aren’t The Master Sword

Throughout the Legend of Zelda games, Link has wielded many different weapons besides the Master Sword. Here are ten of the best.

It’s difficult to think of a video game weapon that is more iconic than The Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword. While it may not have been a part of the series since the very beginning, the Master Sword has become Link’s most iconic weapon over the years. It’s reminiscent of some of the most powerful swords in fantasy, most notably, the Arthurian sword Excalibur.

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That being said, it’s far from the only weapon worth wielding in the Zelda games. So which other items in The Legend of Zelda series are just as powerful or enjoyable to use as the Master Sword?

10 The Spinner

This weapon isn’t just an effective means of dealing out damage, it’s also a downright blast to use. The Spinner first appeared in Twilight Princess, where it served as the primary dungeon item in the Arbiter’s Grounds. While the Spinner is put to excellent use during the boss fight against Stallord, its primary use is traveling around the dungeon’s many winding tracks.

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While the Spinner has popped up in a couple of spin-off games since – including Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Hyrule Warriors – many players are anxiously awaiting for this weapon to make another appearance in the main series.

9 Bow and Arrows

Link had been slinging a bow around nearly as long as he’s been carrying a sword. In fact, in the early stages of many Zelda games, the bow often deals out twice the amount of damage as the player’s starting sword.

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There have been many incarnations of the bow and arrow over the years – so many that it’s probably best to keep them all bunched together. While a few stand out above the rest – such as the Ancient Bow and the Light Arrows – it’s hard to imagine a Zelda game without this familiar weapon combo.

8 Mirror Shield

Making its first appearance in A Link to the Past, the Mirror Shield allows the player to not only block deadly attacks but to reflect magic and light beams back toward the enemy as well. The weapon has seen a number of incarnations over the years, but it’s often the most effective shield in whatever game it appears.

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The Mirror Shield turns what is ordinarily a defensive piece of armor into an offensive weapon, allowing the player to deflect attacks back toward the opponent or to another part of their surroundings in order to overcome various obstacles.

7 Din’s Fire

Din’s Fire isn’t a weapon per se, but rather a magical spell that can be picked up in Ocarina of Time. Using Din’s Fire results in a massive orb of fire expanding outward from the player. While the ability is only necessary to overcome a number of obstacles, it’s still a massively powerfully means of attacking enemies.

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While the ability has shown up in a number of Super Smash Bros. games, it’s no wonder that Din’s Fire has only appeared in one Zelda installment to date. Otherwise, lesser foes wouldn't be much of a challenge to the player.

6 Bombchu

Bombs have been a popular weapon in Zelda ever since the series launched. However, they’re not always the most exciting item to use when in their original form. Thankfully, Ocarina of Time gave players a welcome twist on this common item by introducing the Bombchu – a walking explosive that can travel along the ground, wall, and ceiling before it detonates.

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What makes these weapons one of the best in the series is just how rare they are. Every time the player lets a Bombchu lose it feels like a precious resource, making it all the more satisfying when one gets the job done.

5 Fire Rod

Magic rods have been a mainstay of the Zelda series for decades, but there’s something especially satisfying about the Fire Rod, which allows the players to shot out bursts of fire toward enemies and objects.

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The first Fire Rod appeared in A Link to the Past, where it could be picked up in the Skull Dungeon and used to damage enemies or light unreachable torches. Later in the franchise, Fire Rods saw a number of upgrades, including the ability to melt ice and create platforms. But nothing beats firing a burst of flames at oncoming foes.

4 Boomerang

The Boomerang is like a bow that never runs out of arrows. Or a Hookshot that requires slightly less precision. It’s a weapon that’s as fun to use as it is versatile, and it made its franchise debut all the way back in the 1987 original.

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Outside of attacking enemies, the Boomerang can be used to stun certain opponents, trigger switches, and pick up items that would otherwise be out of reach. The weapon can often be upgraded for additional distance or power, and even trying to catch this weapon on its way back has proven to be an enjoyable challenge in its own right.

3 Hookshot

First appearing in 1991’s A Link to the Past, the Hookshot is one of the most versatile items in any Zelda game. What other weapon can be used to attack enemies, grab items, and grapple from one surface to the next? The Hookshot has appeared under a number of names and variations throughout the franchise, but most would agree that the Double Clawshot stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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The only downside to the Hookshot is that it hasn’t appeared in nearly enough Zelda installments, likely because its addition would make the game far too easy.

2 Goddess Sword

While it may have served as a template for the Master Sword, the Goddess Sword is still very much a weapon of its own. Outside of Hyrule Warriors, the Goddess Sword has only shown up in two Zelda installments to date, including Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.

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While the Goddess Sword is far from one of the more versatile or powerful weapons in the franchise, it succeeded in giving a worthy backstory to the Master Sword – which wouldn’t have come to be without Hylia creating the sword and Fi living within the weapon.

1 Fierce Deity Mask

Is the Fierce Deity Mask too powerful of a weapon? Most likely. But that certainly doesn’t stop it from being one of the best items in any Zelda game. The mask can be picked up in Majora’s Mask only after the player has obtained every other mask in the game – which is no easy feat.

Therefore, it only makes sense that this mask should transform the player into a god-like being. Equipping this mask dramatically increases Link’s attacks and allows the player to emit Sword Beams – making all other enemies of little threat.

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