Zelda: 10 Hidden Details In The Breath Of The Wild 2 Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild truly was a breath of fresh air for the open world genre when it came out. And, with a 97 on Metacritic, seems like everyone else felt similarly. Now, during E3 2019, Nintendo slapped down a sequel announcement that had us all floored!

It was a frankly disturbing trailer in the best of ways. But, not much actual information was unveiled. So let's get our mega-dweeb glasses on, go through it frame by frame, and try and figure out what exactly is going here.

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10 Secret Message In The Reversed Song

First and foremost, let's talk about that spooky music. The first thing heard in the trailer is this unsettling "singing" almost like a spell or chant. It's obvious to anyone familiar with audio editing that this has been reversed or modified in some way.

So as usual, fans dove in order to find any hidden secrets. And what's been found so far is interesting, to say the least. It sounds like someone whispers "help us" right at the beginning. Other theories include the song sounding similar to OoT music among other tracks. Maybe this will connect more of the games in a concrete way?

9 The Language In The Air

This will be the most obvious little easter egg, but those floating green trails don't seem to just be particle effects. We can see in all parts of the trailer that these lines of energy become symbols of an unknown language as they get closer to the center.

Based on the atmosphere, the singing, and the situation, it seems like these symbols are part of a chant or spell that's either keeping the Malice in place or releasing it. But still, these symbols aren't Hylian or Sheikah according to fans, so where exactly does this magic originate, and will we be going there?

8 Magic Oddly Similar to Sheikah Tech

Now there isn't much proof of this next entry. But the way that this green magic is slowly condensing itself onto a single point, starting from the top of the room and trickling down, seems oddly familiar. It's actually relatively close to the way Sheikah tech works in Breath of the Wild.

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Remember in the towers whenever Link would get a drop on his tablet? Now, who really knows what this means, but here's hoping that it turns out the Sheikah unintentionally caused the conflict in the sequel and that everything is less black and white than is customary for a Zelda title.

7 Hieroglyphics Are Also Sheikan

Here's the weirdest thing, the symbols in the air aren't Hylian or Sheikah, they aren't any language from a Zelda game that the fans can tell (at least so far). But, the hieroglyphics on the walls are obviously of Sheikan origin.

They're drawn in the exact same style as the legend in the intro, and even have the same color scheme. But again, what does that mean? The Sheikah were obviously in this room at some point, but was it long after this spell/sacrifice had been performed, or during? What is their relation to this obviously dark event?

6 Link Controlled By The Spell?

Now here's the most interesting part of the trailer. It's only on screen for a second, but Link actually gets controlled by the green magical force. His arm is seemingly taken over by the symbols, and it looks like he loses control and releases some sort of energy? This is only a guess, but it might be Link that unintentionally releases this curse, spell, or malice.

Right after that point in the trailer, everything kicks off, so that seems to be the implication. How crazy would it be if the last thing this spell required was all three pieces of the Triforce to be in the same place? Zelda, Link, And Ganondorf as the body?

5 It's Ganondorf, Come On

But who is that zombie? The red hair, jewelry, and gem all point to the Gerudo, but they so rarely have male children. So then, who is a male Gerudo, who wears a gem in their forehead, who would be associated with dark magic? Oh thats right, Ganondorf of course.

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He wears different gems depending on the game, but this singular gold gem points to OoT, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess Ganondorf specifically. Fans are speculating that this incarnation of the Dark Lord might've been the victim, and quite possibly not so evil. Now that'd be incredibly interesting and different, so here's hoping it's true.

4 Although, What If It's Not Ganondorf?

Now it's time to get a bit crazy. Sure the body is most likely Ganondorf, but what if it's actually Demise? Demise was the villain in Skyward Sword who is even more ancient and mysterious than Ganon. He's known as the Demon King, the eerie music sounds similar to his theme when played normally, and he shares similar traits.

They both have red hair and the body in the BoTW2 trailer has these sharp incisors, unlike Ganondorf. Though there are other theories that Demise might've been behind the curse that turned Ganondorf into Calamity Ganon. It's all mixed around now, and boy is it exciting.

3 Blood Moon Particles Floating Around

It seems that the same magic behind the Blood Moons in BotW is the cause for this zombie's resurrection. When the eyes of this creep-show flicker to life, we can see that the particles in the air have become eerily similar to the ones during the Blood Moon, as well as the color shifting from green to red.

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Plus, the eyes in this zombie creature are also similar to the Malice eyes we destroy all over post-apocalyptic Hyrule. Whatever is going on, it seems like the same Malice that created Calamity Ganon is behind it.

2 Terrible Tyrant Tag Team?

Alright now we're going too far, but maybe the Twili from Twilight Princess are involved in this as well. Remember, Ganondorf was part of LoZ: TP, in the second half. All this green and gold is telling of their designs, and the rectangular, almost circuit board-esque shapes in the pattern of the gold armband is similar as well.

What if all the biggest villains from the franchise played a part in the events of BoTW2? We're talking Zant, Demise, and Ganondorf. That would be such a celebration of the franchise as a whole, and also one of the most frightening team-ups in history.

1 Early Signs Point Towards "So-Called" Villian As A Victim

We said it early and we'll say it again, Ganondorf might've just been a helpless victim here. Let's assume the body is Ganondorf's, why is it so somber? Why does the corpse look so helpless and unhappy? And why when the light flashes does this shadow look so different?

Probably because this shadow is a snippet of the past where this spell was forced into someone? What if, Ganondorf was the pride of the Gerudo in this timeline, and he was on the right track? But, for better or worse, he still desired power. A power that betrays him. It would for sure be a fresh take on such a usually static character.

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