10 Hilarious Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Memes That Are Just Perfect

Breath of the Wild has officially elevated The Legend of Zelda to an entirely new level that most gamers never expected to see. The open world of Hyrule is a blast to explore and there are so many callbacks to previous games to discover. It's a welcome breath of fresh air for the franchise and players loved it so much that Nintendo is going to crank out an official sequel in the near future.

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So what better way to celebrate this awesome addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise than with an abundance of hilarious memes. Here are 10 Breath of the Wild memes that poke fun at the game's logic (or lack thereof).

10 They Never Miss

Most of this list features your traditional "logic meme" fare but we wanted to start off with something that is 10 percent game logic and 90 percent agonizingly frustrating for players. It makes a decent amount of sense that the Guardians encountered in Breath of the Wild would be accurate with their eye-mounted laser canons (that sentence sounds like nonsense from a Zelda standpoint, on its own), but these hulking "creatures" are absolute snipers.

The second you see the pinpoint red-dot hovering over your character, you better get to cover (or pray you have a shield equipped). Sometimes their range is seemingly endless.

9 Defying Gravity

Breath of the Wild introduced quite a few new mechanics, including a stamina meter that drains whenever Link performs certain abilities (like climbing or gliding). Legend of Zelda veterans are used to dealing with hearts and magic meters thanks to red, green, and blue potions.

In Breath of the Wild, Link can use his cooking abilities to whip up a dish that will help reclaim some of his lost stamina. The real kicker here is that it can be consumed and activated at any moment (even when he's gliding through the air and about to fall!).

8 Dress Accordingly

Another new mechanic introduced in Breath of the Wild pertains to armor ratings and set bonuses. Certain clothing items will give Link a boost to his stats or protection against a certain element. These outfits are even required to battle the harsh elements of Hyrule. You don't want to get caught near Death Mountain without some heat reduction and you'll certainly freeze solid if you're wearing a tunic in the harsh and unforgiving snow.

Unfortunately, from a design standpoint, some of the outfits are a little strange. Should Link find himself shivering, all he needs to do is add a "helmet" that will increase his cold resistance. In this case, that's a feather and some hair lace.

7 Jump Around

Want to know the biggest improvement we saw in Breath of the Wild? Link gained the ability to jump. Anyone who hasn't played a previous Zelda title may not see that as a big deal but those who suffered through the trials of small ledges and tiny impassable gaps know how amazing it feels to watch Link leap to towards the sky.

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To be fair, you could jump in Link's Awakening, but you still needed a specific item called Roc's Feather to do so. This is the first time players are able to hop around without having to hot-swap an item or activate anything special.

6 Take Your Time

Link's adventure starts out a little bit differently this time around. He awakens in a strange chamber, only to discover he's been absent for 100 years. In that time, Princess Zelda has done her best to keep a powerful new iteration of Ganon (known as Calamity Ganon) from consuming Hyrule in a swirl of darkness.

It's crazy to think that Zelda has held Ganon back all this time and she's surely waiting and hoping that the Hero of Hyrule returns soon. Unfortunately, Breath of the Wild's immense amount of sidequests and collectibles might slow him down a bit.

5 Down The Water Spout

Climbing is absolutely amazing in Breath of the Wild. It gives players the freedom to explore Hyrule as they wish, and the map is filled to the brim with cliffs and other obstacles to scale. The only downside is that Link can't climb so well in the rain. This, logically, makes sense, and we do applaud Nintendo for trying to slip a little bit of logic into this otherwise heavy Fantasy world.

The only issue is that these same rules don't apply to the cliffs hidden behind raging waterfalls.

4 What Did We Just Make?

Cooking is one of the cooler elements that developers added to Breath of the Wild. Prior to this release, players were stuck capturing faeries in bottles or purchasing brightly-colored medicines. Now Link can collect all sorts of ingredients and combine them to create a multitude of foods that will boost a variety of stats.

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For the most part, the cooking seems "realistic" and pretty well thought-out. Unfortunately, there are those instances in which "soups" and "meat pies" come out looking a little too similar.

3 Rules Are Rules

One of the most puzzling moments of Link's journey occurs when you make it to the Gerudo Desert. There you'll find a village populated entirely by Gerudan females and they won't let you in unless they're convinced you're female as well. This sends Link on a quest to find an appropriate disguise.

The strange thing is that even after you save the village from impending doom, you're not allowed in without your disguise. You'd think they'd have more respect for the savior of the city.

2 Please Let Us Pet The Dog

Gamers were overjoyed that Red Dead Redemption 2 would allow you to interact with dogs and pet them. It's a silly little addition to most but it gives greater life and realism to Rockstar's open world.

Sadly, Nintendo didn't think to add the same functions to their release. You can see dogs, but you won't have the opportunity to pet them. Chalk this up as more of a complaint than a logic issue. Perhaps the developers at Rockstar played Breath of the Wild and realized how frustrating it was to be unable to pet the pups.

1 The Old Skyrim Maneuver

A lot of gamers would poke fun at the fact that the Dragonborn could seemingly ingest massive amounts of food mid-fight and keep his health and stamina up. Breath of the Wild allows Link to do the same thing, so it was only a matter of time before players would start poking fun at the same mechanic but with a Hyrule twist.

It's too bad we can't see the bits of food and apple cores flying everywhere.

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