10 Best Armor Sets In Breath Of The Wild

One of the more interesting aspects of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is collecting all of the varying items that can be found in the world of Hyrule. Some items are merely collectibles for completionist runs, but others like armor are extremely helpful in keeping Link alive.

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In fact, finding an entire set of armor can provide bonuses that, depending on the situation, can make potential obstacles a breeze. Some armor sets improve mobility, others provide greater defense against specific enemy types, and others make Link stronger in battle.

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10 Radiant Armor

This is an odd armor set because it can actually be dangerous to wear if you don’t have the full set. A single piece of armor will cause skeletal enemies to spawn in the area and put Link in constant danger.

But if he has the full set he becomes invisible to the Stal-type enemies and even gets an improved bonus to damage done by Bone-type weapons. It ranks low because Skal enemies aren’t the fiercest of enemies and you probably won’t be wielding bone weapons towards the end of the game. It also requires a lot of Skal grinding to fully upgrade.

9 Armor Of The Wild

This set of armor gives Link that classical green look while giving the unique boost Master Beam up. Wearing the entire set will allow Link to throw the energy beams from the Master Sword for greater distances when at full health. It’s also has one of the highest armor rating in the game at 88 with full upgrades.

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It ranks low because the bonus is only available at full health which is annoying. It also suffers because obtaining this armor set requires completing all 120 shrines in the game!

8 Dark Link

This wicked looking set of armor is obtained by completing the Shady Customer quest and unlocking Kilton’s unique shop. Only opening at night you must trade monster parts for Mon in order to buy this set of armor.

It’s incredibly expensive, but it’s one of the better-looking armor sets in the game and gives a nice boost to running speed at night. Considering how much running the player does, having a boost to movement speed is always appreciated. It’s also fun scaring the local NPCs with this villainous outfit.

7 Salvager

This armor set is obtainable through the free Xenoblade Chronicles 2 crossover DLC. Once the player completes the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 quest they are rewarded with this armor set that comes with that iconic Xenoblade look and a boost to Swim Dash Stamina.

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That swimming speed boost is incredibly handy for when the player needs to navigate rivers or large bodies of water. Again any boost to movement speed saves a lot of time and frustration so having these kinds of armor sets is always a good thing.

6 Rubber Armor

Don’t worry, this isn’t a BDSM outfit or anything. The Rubber Armor set is admittedly a strange looking outfit with a helpful ability. When fully equipped the player becomes resistant to electrical damage and immune to the Shock effect. Obtaining the armor requires completing the Thunder Magnet quest and finding pieces at the Tol Yahsa and Qukah Nata Shrines.

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This is handy for the electrical opponents in the game, but little else. This makes it a situational piece of armor as most players won’t want to wander around with a helmet that looks like a fish eating them. Unless of course, that’s your thing.

5 Snowquill

Similar to the Rubber Armor set the Snowquill set provides unique elemental resistances, but this time against the cold. With the full set players are immune to the frozen effect and resistant to cold damage.

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Again it’s a situational set of armor, but one that sees a little more use than the Rubber Armor set. It’s also less strange looking, appearing like an armor set you might find in Horizon Zero Dawn. This armor is for sale at the Rito Village if you have enough rupees.

4 Flamebreaker

This elemental armor is by far the best as it not only provides resistance against flame damage and burn effects, but also the very air found around lava. This armor is absolutely essential if you plan on spending a long time in Death Mountain or going up against the divine beast Vah Rudania.

You can either buy it at Goron City or you can get the set for free by trading 10 Fireproof Lizards as part of the Fireproof Lizard Roundup quest. Another side benefit to this piece of armor is you have little reason to hang onto fireproof elixirs and can sell any you find for a good chunk of change.

3 Climbing Set

The sheer amount of climbing Link does in this game is ridiculous and many players have had those rage inducing moments where the stamina meter runs out just as they’re about to reach the top. The Climbing set mitigates that issue by providing Link with a boost to his climbing speed and reducing the stamina drain while climbing.

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This incredibly useful set of armor can be found at the Ree Dahee and Chaas Qeta Shrine while also completing the Secret of the Cedars shrine quest. It’s a little annoying to obtain but the amount of headaches it saves you is well worth the effort.

2 Barbarian Armor

This suit of armor will probably become your default outfit once you find it because of how powerful it is. When Link wears the complete set of Barbarian armor his damage increases with any weapon and charge attacks require less stamina.

Getting this set of armor requires visiting the Tu Ka’loh, Dila Maag, and Qaza Tokki shrines. Considering how much fighting you’ll be doing in this game it pays in dividends to obtain this set early on and rarely take it off.

1 Ancient Armor

As useful as the Barbarian set is, nothing compares with the godsend that is the Ancient Armor set. When fully equipped Ancient Armor provides resistance against Guardians and grants a boost to damage done with ancient weapons.

This is your end game set of armor as Ganon is found in Hyrule Castle which is swarming with Guardians. Going into battle with this set of armor and a weapon like the Ancient Bow or the Ancient Bladesaw can make Hyrule castle a breeze and remain a good setup when facing against Ganon. It can be obtained at the Akkala Tech Lab and comes with a hefty price tag of Rupees and Ancient parts farmed from Guardians. It’s expensive and requires some grinding but you do not want to go into the final fight without it.

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