Where To Find Majora’s Mask And Tingle Suit In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC

The brand new DLC for Nintendo’s wildly successful Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is out now. And it's no slouch too: at 456mb, there’s a ton of new content for you to experience in your travels around Hyrule.

Veteran BotW players will love the new Trial of the Sword game mode that pits you in a battle of survival with nothing but your wits and what you find to help you, and for those looking for a new game plus there’s Master Mode which brings an added challenge to the normal story mode.

But perhaps the most exciting thing to add to the game is all the brand new loot! There’s a bunch of new armors for players to find, and each has their own special abilities. Let’s take a look at where you can snag a some of this brand new gear.

It goes without saying, but there be spoilers ahead!

Majora’s Mask

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The star of the N64 game of the same name isn’t too difficult to find. The Mask is in a buried treasure chest in Kolomo Garrison Ruins. The Ruins are in the peninsula that juts into Lake Kolomo, South of Central Hyrule. As mentioned, the chest is buried, so equip the Magnesis rune in order to pull it out of the dirt.

Besides being a cool looking mask, Majora’s Mask will also fool a lot of formerly aggressive foes into being your friends.

Korok Mask

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Since there’s 900 Korok seeds littering Hyrule, it’s a good idea to find this mask if you’re the type to 100% games.

The Korok Mask is in The Lost Woods. Teleport to the Woodland Tower, and then follow the path immediately East of you. The path will lead you directly to the Lost Woods.

Here’s the tricky part. As soon as you get to the Woods entrance, there’ll be two burning lights and a torch. Light the torch and see where the embers blow. Follow the embers, and keep an eye out for any trees with large open mouths. Inside one of those trees will be a chest with your Korok Mask.

Midna’s Helmet

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Twilight Princess’ helmet isn’t too hard to find. It’s at the Sage Temple Ruins, on the West side of Hyrule field and just South East of where the Regencia and Tamio rivers meet. This time the chest is sunken underwater, but the Magnesis rune will help you out once again.

Midna’s Helmet will give you a defense bonus against guardians, which isn’t too bad.

Tingle’s Outfit

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Who doesn’t want to look like one of Santa’s elves? We got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s do this quick!

Tingle’s Hood is in the Exchange Ruins, at the Southern end of Hyrule Field and just South West of Hyrule Garrison Ruins. It’s buried, so Magnesis is your friend. Tingle’s Shirt is in Hyrule Castle Town Prison, which is west of Hyrule Castle on an island, buried in a chest. Tingle’s Tights are in Mabe Village Ruins in the middle of Hyrule Field underneath a dead guardian. Magnesis will flip the guardian and net you the chest.

Phantom Armor

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This awesome set of armor will give you an attack bonus, as well as scare the pants off the neighbors.

The Helmet is in the Coliseum Ruins just South West of Hyrule field and over the Aquame Bridge. The chest is buried in the North West corner of the Coliseum. The chest piece is Sacred Ground Ruins, just South of Hyrule Castle Town and is underwater. The greaves are in Hyrule Garrison Ruins, just a little South West of the center of Hyrule Field. Once again it’s buried underground near a dead guardian.


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