Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Infinite Item Glitch Explained

How would you like an infinite number of Majora’s Masks? Or an innumerable amount of Thunder Helms? Maybe get all 900 Korok Seeds from just one Korok? Well, thanks to a glitch recently found in The Master Trials DLC, now you can!

It’s a pretty easy glitch to activate, too. First off, you’ll need access to the Trials of the Sword, so make sure you’ve got your Master Sword handy. Second, make sure you haven’t already 100%’d the game, since you’ll need an incomplete Divine Beast to warp to. Third, you’ll need the Travel Medallion in order to warp to the spawn of whatever particular item has caught your fancy.

Now to put them all together. Go to the Trials of the Sword, and as soon as you get in warp to the incomplete Divine Beast. Now, teleport to your Travel Medallion, and voila! Everything around you, including one-off chests and unique items you should only be able to get one of, has respawned. Once you’ve grabbed your item just warp back to the Travel Medallion again to make everything respawn over and over and over. Repeat until your bag is bursting with Korok Seeds.

This isn’t the only thing the glitch can do though. You can also reactivate Sheikah Towers that you’ve already activated once before. We're not sure why you’d want to go to that trouble, but if the desire strikes and you just feel like climbing those towers, this is one way to do it.

via Nintendo3DSChannel on YouTube

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has proven to be pretty OK as far as bugs go, but it’s turning out to be hilariously full of neat glitches. One Russian Zelda player has found a way to mimic the Superswimming mechanic from Wind Waker HD. Basically, plop a minecart on a raft and then use Magnesis to give it a shove, and off you go!

The Master Trials DLC isn’t without its fair share of glitches, and people are still finding more. One Redditor found a way to fall off the map during the Trials of the Sword, and what he found was strangely breathtaking: a completely empty area full of floating water and a jagged, picturesque landscape. Various replies speculate it could be an area where the developers performed testing, and just forgot to remove it from the finished product.

As for the item duplication glitch, I’d get as many items duplicated as you can since this bug completely breaks the game, and I can’t imagine Nintendo will let it stay.

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