The Legend Of Zelda: The Toughest Monsters In Breath Of The Wild, Ranked

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released in March of 2017 to critical and commercial acclaim. Its open-world, full of fascinating characters to meet, memories to uncover, and incredible creatures to encounter, blew us all away, immersing us fully in what was, for many, one of the best Zelda games ever made.

One of the reasons Breath of the Wild is such an astounding game was the lack of limits placed on the player as they explored, with no areas being locked off from the game's start. With this freedom came risk, however, as dangerous enemies that we weren't quite prepared for prowled the lands when we first started to play. Here are all the monsters we found in Breath of the Wild, ranked by how tough they are.

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10 Lizalfos

The sly Lizalfos is one of the many standard monsters found throughout Hyrule. Resembling a massive lizard with scaly skin and eyes that move independently of one another, these quick beasts boast a variety of attacks, including ranged strikes with their long tongues and up close and personal moves where they leap towards the player.

Like the Bokoblin, Lizalfos are fairly easy to deal with once the player gains a better understanding of their patterns and the game's combat system. Stronger variants appear later on and they also have the unique ability to camouflage themselves in the environment, but they remain one of the simpler enemies to deal with.

9 Moblin

The Moblin is the last of the typical monsters that you'll find roaming about in almost every area of Hyrule, from the forests in the south to the icy peaks in the north. While they may look like just a larger version of the Bokoblin with some slight visual tweaks, they have distinct attacks and can also lob smaller monsters at the player if present.

The Moblin's large frame gives it a lot of reach, but it also provides an advantage for the player as you can get up close to it and land some hits without giving it the chance to strike back. Though they have more health than Bokoblins and Lizalfos, they can still be taken down with just a little skill.

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8 Yiga Footsoldier

One of the most consistently frustrating enemies you'll encounter is the Yiga Footsoldier. These Sheikah clan outcasts worship Ganon and ambush the player at multiple points along their journey in an attempt to keep you from defeating him. They don't have many hit points compared to some of the other enemies on this list, but they more than makeup for that in their battle tactics.

First, Yiga Footsoldiers rarely just appear in the world. They're often disguised as innocent travelers, only transforming into masked opponents after you speak to them. Once they begin fighting, their combination of sickles, bows, and teleportation make them a tough enemy to pin down if you don't have an upgraded Stasis rune. The Yiga Footsoldier may not be the deadliest enemy you'll face, but they are absolutely the most annoying.

7 Yiga Blademaster

Hailing from the same renegade Sheikah clan as the Yiga Footsoldiers, Yiga Blademasters only start appearing in the world after you've completed a specific story quest (which is a challenge in and of itself). The Blademasters are less evasive than the Footsoldiers, but they pack a lot more hit points and much more devastating attacks.

Each Blademaster carries a special two-handed weapon that can send a deadly slice of wind through the air from a distance. Additionally, they can reach into the earth itself and make the ground beneath your feet explode violently, causing damage and knocking you down. If you're not prepared to go into a fight with one of these warriors, odds are you won't last very long.

6 Wizzrobe

If this was a list of the creepiest enemies in Breath of the Wild, Wizzrobes would be much closer to the top. Their prancing movements and eerie cackles are already unsettling enough, but it's when you get close enough to take in their jagged teeth and glowing, bulbous eyes that you realize these things aren't humans—just crude facsimiles of them.

All the Wizzrobes you encounter in the game will specialize in fire, ice, or electrical damage, and they'll often have additional effects based on those powers. Fire Wizzrobes will be able to raise the temperature of the surrounding area, whereas Lightning Wizzrobes can summon thunderstorms. This is on top of their ability to cast elemental spells and turn invisible while moving, meaning that there are certainly one of the more difficult creatures to defeat.

5 Stone Talus

The Stone Talus is one of the various bosses the player can encounter in the world of Hyrule. They appear as just large stone formations at first, but get too close and they'll slowly rise up to attack you. Depending on the region, you can also find Frost and Igneo Taluses (Talii?) ready to pound you into dust.

It takes a combination of knowledge, reflexes, and skill to defeat a Talus. You'll need to be able to locate its weak point, then hit it with an arrow, often while it's already attacking you. This stuns it long enough for the player to climb the monster and get in a flurry of strikes on its one vulnerable spot before you'll need to flee and repeat the process again. It doesn't take too much to bring them down once you perfect the process, but be prepared for a lot of trial and error as you hone your approach.

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4 Hinox

The Hinox is essentially the logical endpoint of the Bokoblin-Moblin branch of monsters; a massive cyclops that attacks by stomping, swiping, and occasionally ripping up surrounding trees to throw at you. These giants are located all throughout Breath of the Wild, snoozing on various plains, islands, and tundras.

A fight with a Hinox can be challenging, but once you've got a feel for it, it does get a bit easier (although it can still be difficult in certain circumstances.) Staying focused on its movement is key, as the Hinox will telegraph its next attacks, and hitting its massive eye with an arrow will help you bring down these colossal beasts.

3 Molduga

Speaking of colossal beasts, this next entry covers the largest monster found in Breath of the Wild: the Molduga. These leviathans are a strange hybrid of lizard and fish, living deep underneath the sands in the Gerudo Wasteland. Simply wandering into their territory is an invitation for disaster as the Molduga attacks from below, shooting you up into the air before letting you drop all the way back down.

The key to approaching a Molduga fight is to find solid ground and then to stun them with bombs. The Molduga can only detect the player when they walk on the sands, so quickly finding a rock to perch atop becomes critical. Lobbing bombs towards the monster then lets you incapacitate them long enough to get a few good hits in before retreating back to safety.

2 Guardian

As anyone who has played Breath of the Wild will tell you, there are few sounds more nerve-wracking or anxiety-inducing than the sound of a Guardian's laser charging up. The steady beeping building to a crescendo has been the death knell for countless Links across countless games.

There are two ways to defeat Guardians—perfect timing, or Ancient gear. If you're confident in your reflexes, then you can parry Guardian lasers back to their sources by hitting the deflect button at the exact moment that the light hits your shield. This can be tricky to master, though, so the best chance you may have is to find the Master Sword or build some Ancient weapons, both of which deal significant damage to Guardians.

1 Lynel

The Lynel, truly the undisputed king of monsters in Breath of the Wild's Hyrule. These lion-centaur beasts have some of the best weapons in the game, are capable of both melee and ranged attacks, and can drain a player's hearts before you even realize you're in danger. A single strike from a Lynel is enough to kill a player without upgraded armor, and it still deals a significant chunk of damage even if you do have all the best equipment.

If you encounter a Lynel in the wild and you are not prepared for a legendary duel, you will lose. Their devastating offensive capabilities and massive health pool make them absolutely the most dangerous, most challenging, and most terrifying monster in all of Breath of the Wild.

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