Zelda: 10 Tiny Details You Missed In The Breath Of The Wild 2 Teaser Trailer

The Zelda game shook up the formula while still managing to remain true to what makes the series so special. Like the first entry did in 1986, BoTW drops Link into a vast open world with countless possibilities. It was the shot in the arm fans didn't realize the franchise needed, and it also helped introduce the series to new gamers.

Fast forward to E3 2019, and the Nintendo Direct left fans with one final surprise before ending its broadcast. A small clip barely over a minute long confirmed that a sequel to the beloved title was in development. The teaser is obtuse and divulges little information, but what would the internet be if it didn't analyze every frame of a trailer? To that effect, the next ten entries will showcase ten details people may have missed from the announcement.

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10 Zelda's Hair Is Shorter

Back of Zelda and link breath of the wild 2 teaser

The teaser follows Link and Zelda as they explore what appears to be a cave beneath Hyrule Castle. A couple of shots give a solid glimpse at the two characters. At first, they both appear mostly the same as in Breath of the Wild, but there are a few subtle differences. Mainly, Zelda's hair is shorter

It's a tiny detail, but it implies more important things. Because it's a new model and not a reused asset from the prior title, one can deduce that these are the looks the characters will have in the new game. Of course, these are subject to change.

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9 Link Has The Master Sword

Breath of the wild 2 tease link and zelda

Link looks familiar, just with an extra cape. However, there is no sign of his Sheikah Slate, and the hero still has his trusty Master Sword. It would be atypical for the game to let players have the powerful weapon right from the get-go. Perhaps this teaser is taken from what will be the game's introduction, which will have Link lose the sword and all his belongings. This is still a game, after all, and adventures like this tend to start the player off with nothing.

8 The Body Is Adorned With Gerudo Jewelry

BoTW 2 ganondorf

The trailer is haunting, in no small part due to the decaying body featured in it. The body is most likely that of Ganondorf, the human form of Ganon.

There are several clues that lead one to believe this. The body itself is covered in Gerudo jewelry, and Ganondorf is a member of the predominantly female species.

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7 The Green Stuff

BoTW 2 green particles

Throughout the clip, green particles are swirling around in the air. In shots where the camera focuses in on them a little more, it becomes easier to see the stuff form letters.

The text clearly isn't English, but either Hylian or Gerudo script. If it's the latter, it would lend more credence to the idea that it is Ganondorf's body.

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6 The Designs On The Wall

BotW Zonai ruin

In one shot Zelda, Link, and their animal are walking by a wall that is not adorned with a natural design. It appears to be an architectural structure from some ancient race. Upon closer inspection, they resemble the Zonai designs seen in their ruins. This could imply that the mysterious group will have a bigger role in the sequel.

5 Where Are The Sheikah Towers?

Sheikah Tower

A memorable part of the 2017 title was climbing the various towers and admiring the vistas after reaching the top. It was just as thrilling gliding down into the world below once more. Strangely, one of the last shots of the teaser shows Hyrule Castle trembling in the distance, with not a single tower in sight. Where did they all go? Perhaps the game will deal with this mystery.

4 The Music Is Played Backwards

BoTW 2 teaser mallice and green particles

Ominous music permeates the entire sequence, contributing to the unsettling atmosphere. Listen closely, and it is apparent the soundtrack is being played backward. When reversed, the music still sounds creepy, almost like the voices are trying to say something, but it is unintelligible.

3 The Cave Drawings

BoTW 2 teaser zelda looking at Gannon's hand

On one of the walls, there are ancient cave drawings. One of the images is a man on a horse holding a trident. The figure resembles Ganondorf, and his weapon is similar to Mipha's, the Zora Princess and pilot of a divine beast from BoTW. If it is the same weapon, what could it mean? Of course, there is more than one trident in all of Hyrule, so the odds of it being the same trident are slim. The more important detail is the person on the horse.

2 Whatever Is Holding The Body

BoTW 2 Ganondorf's body

Zelda and Link come across what is assumed to be Ganondorf, trapped by some device. The hand seems to a seal, and by the end of trailer, it looks to be broken, unleashing Ganondorf upon the world once more. This seal bears a slight resemblance to the Shrine of Resurrection that awakens Link at the beginning of BoTW. Maybe the Sheikah created this seal, explaining its aesthetic similarities to Link's starting point in the prior title.

1 The Heart Beat

BoTW two tease link's hand

The trailer opens with a shot of the green particles and a slow heartbeat. It finished with the same shot and heartbeat, only at a faster pace. Whose heartbeat is it? It could be Ganondorf's, whose heart is working faster because he was just reawakened. It could also be Link's or Zelda's, whose hearts are racing from fear.

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