Zelda: 10 Skull Kid Cosplay That Are Next-Level

The Skull Kid is one of the most iconic characters in the Zelda series. First appearing in Ocarina of Time before making a major appearance as the primary villain in Majora’s Mask. This interesting creature is said to be a child who wandered into the Lost Woods and turned into a Skull Kid who loathes having no face and seeks to have one via a mask.

This character has been adopted by cosplayers at various events to stunning effect. While the majority cosplay the Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask, there are a few exceptions.

10 Ocarina Of Time Skull Kid By Silver

Unfortunately, this is the only example on this list of someone cosplaying the Skull Kid from his first appearance in Ocarina of Time while wearing the bone mask. Here the cosplayer has done an excellent job with the colorful ragged clothing, the leaves sticking out of the arms and head, and has a great looking skull mask.

In Ocarina of Time, Link found the Skull Kid, befriended him by playing Saria’s Song and sold him the Skull Mask after the Skull Kid took an interest in it.

9 Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Brutus Cosplay

This is a bit of a darker take on the Skull Kid that appears as the villain in Majora’s Mask. This cosplayer toned down the brighter colors of the costume, adopting a more rugged and earthy look. Instead of leaves, this cosplayer drapes themselves in moss and the typically vibrant mask is dark and foreboding.

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It’s almost as if the cosplayer was going for a more realistic appearance rather than the cartoonish look from the video games. It's not the Skull Kid you would want to meet in the woods and this darker costume makes for a great cosplay.

8 Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Cospix


A dramatic difference from the previous entry is this bright and vibrant take on the Skull Kid by Cospix. Here the cosplayer has a colorful mask that looks very well done with lots of detail. The costume is also very colorful and the cosplayer seems to have abandoned the leaves and rugged look for something a little more put together.

This is a great example of a cosplayer who essentially plucked the character from the video game and did a great recreation in real life. The colors are bright and the mask pops from the person as if it were alive like it does in the game.

7 Twilight Princess Skull Kid By Supernatty


This great cosplay chooses to recreate Skull Kid from the game Twilight Princess. Here the Skull Kid has a more eerie appearance with grayish skin, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and large orange eyes. This cosplayer has also recreated the horn the Skull Kid uses to play Saria’s Song and the Lantern he carries in the game. It even looks like the cosplayer dyed their skin gray to round out the costume.

It’s a faithful recreation of the more intimidating version of Skull Kid and shows the dedication of the cosplayer with every little touch and design choice.

6 Majora’s Maska Skull Kid By PhasersonFun


This stunning cosplay shows two layers to the costume. On the surface is the Skull Kid wearing the iconic Majora’s mask. The mask is stunning with vibrant colors and haunting eyes and the ragged hat looks great with the ends flayed out nearly a foot in every direction.

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But the cosplayer’s flesh underneath the mask is amazing. Whether it’s another mask or very well done makeup is unclear, but the rough bark-like skin looks great. If the Skull Kid were remade with the hyper-realistic graphics of today, odds are it would look like this cosplayer.

5 Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Twin Cosplay


This is by far one of the most detailed and intricate cosplays on the list. This cosplayer's costume is very finely done with highly detailed and textured leaves, a great looking hat, and clothing that looks ragged and worn.

The mask is also incredible, favoring more of a blue coloring than the standard red with eyes that pop out of the expertly painted mask. You can tell there was a lot of love and a lot of talent that went into making this costume.

4 Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Juli Libast


Here’s a great cosplay of the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask but not having put on the mask yet. The mask itself looks great and appears made out of wood which adds layers to how impressive it is. The faceless Skull Kid is an impressive mask as well and really grasps what the Skull Kid looked like without a mask in the games.

The fairies on either side hanging from the hat are also a particularly nice touch and really bring the costume together to capture the magic of this character from Majora’s Mask.

3 Twilight Princess Skull Kid By Ailes Noires

Another great cosplay of the Skull Kid in Twilight Princess, this one seems to have a more realistic look by relying on a bigger, thicker mask. This new gray face looks great with lots of detail and accurate colors.

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The horn that's being held is also a good recreation and makes you wonder if it actually works or would sound absolutely dreadful to play. In any case, this costume is very put together and the cosplayer must've spent a lot of time painting their skin to match the mask as closely as they did.

2 Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Maho


This phenomenal costume by Maho is another great example of someone transplanting the game character into the real world. This bluish version of the mask looks well painted with a lot of detail. But perhaps even more stunning than the well done Majora's Mask is the hauntingly well-made mask of the Skull Kid without a face.

The blackish/gray skin with the lines and cracks, the dirty beak, and the chilling brown orbs for eyes looks stunning. We can’t imagine what wearing a mask over a mask would be like for the cosplayer, but it shows great dedication and immense talent.

1 Steampunk Majora’s Mask Skull Kid By Opheroth


While not a faithful recreation of the Skull Kid or the Mask of Majora it does show an example of great imagination and talent. This cosplayer is wearing a button up shirt, tie, and vest with a steampunk top hat and a grayish/black Majora's Mask.

It does raise the interesting idea of what Majora’s Mask would be like if it had been done in steampunk fashion. Would Link wield a bolt rifle instead of a bow and have a gauntlet that performs the Hookshot? Would the giants have been large mechanical cyborgs and the Skull Kid used alchemical powers instead of sorcery? It’s a great costume that raises a lot of fun "what if" questions.

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